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Medium hires its first head of content advertising

Medium has hired someone to develop its native advertising partnerships, the first such role for the company. As Mathew Ingram previously reported, the blog company is expanding its content advertising, publishing sponsored posts that look similar to regular Medium stories. 348 more words

Filtered or Unfiltered Leaders?

Let’s not fool ourselves – we all think that, as managers, we are solid, revered and that our organisations could not do without us.

Wrong. Very wrong. 220 more words

Basic Non-Verbal Communication Clues For Managers

There are numerous ways in which those around us communicate subtle and sometimes not-so subtle, messages. These codes and messages give us information only about the here and now – it is immediate information but it is by its very nature transient. 1,007 more words

Seven Key Questions For Managers

It is important that managers ask challenging, positive but constructive questions. This is essential to encourage staff involvement and for staff to understand situations and problems that arise in the business… 232 more words

What Is The Role Of The Manager In The Workplace?

Whilst the organisation and the role may change, and the work of different departments even inside the same organisation may be different (the Production Departments has a very different feel to that in Finance) the one common factor is that the role and responsibilities of the Manager are likely to be very similar. 754 more words

What do positive managers do?

We all know someone who is a “good” manager. How many of the following traits do they show?
• They define themselves precisely what they want to do. 242 more words

How to NOT remember passwords (and still be safe).

How many of us bother to remember passwords? Sure, we remember the password to our accounts on Facebook and Twitter (right?). And that too probably because the password is “ilove<insert name here>”, the simple “password” or the occasional stylized “p@$$w0rd”. 1,387 more words