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Pushing Back on Debt

I never wanted this blog to be about anything negative or political, but this morning I feel so strongly about something I feel like I need to write about it. 580 more words


Tips for Helping First Home Buyers

There’s no doubt – getting the deposit for your first home can be hard, so hard in fact that now almost 1/3 of first home buyers are seeking alternative options to get their first home – they are seeking the help of family.  341 more words


Managing Money Is Not Easy!

If you struggle with managing your personal finances, take heart. Most people are not confident that they can handle their finances very well. One in four people wish they didn’t even have to deal with their finances at all, and only 8% say they have a good grip on them. 316 more words


How to Save $1000 in a Month!

Does this sound impossible? Well it’s not only possible, but it’s a great kick start to get your savings plan going. Like any plan getting off to a good start will give you momentum and help you get the motivation to keep going. 324 more words


Don’t end up worshipping the wrong thing

As a group, we paid off more than $18,000 in debt. We cut up more than 30 credit cards. We trashed hundreds of offers received by mail that would have amounted to more than 1 1/2 million dollars in debt, had we accepted the cards and maxed them out. 555 more words

2014 Column

CashWise at 18? Keys for Money Success...

One of the most frequent comments I hear from clients is “I wish I knew this years ago”.  So let’s share some tips for those just starting out on the money road: 455 more words


Helping Kids Understand Finances

I was sorting through articles I’ve kept over the years again and found several on helping kids manage money. Some of these tips were too good not to pass along. 878 more words

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