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Managing Ministry on a Budget

Debt is becoming a real problem for first-time pastors. Paying off school debt on a pastor’s salary can be difficult, and can put a burden on their ability to minister. 17 more words


Clutter and Debt (Not a Duo of Lovably Clumsy Cartoon Characters)

As revealed in a post I haven’t written yet, I’m currently in debt from our string of overseas holidays. I am also, as I only realised in the last few years, possibly OCD. 558 more words


Tips to Turn Your Speeding Fine into a $0 Warning

Unfortunately we had one of those dreaded “Civic Compliance” letters in the mail today. I had that sinking gut feeling from wasting so much money but for many, the loss of points is even more devastating. 246 more words


Money and Happiness

Having lots of money won’t let you buy complete happiness, but it certainly can get you a lot closer to it. Whoever said money can’t buy happiness must (a) not have had it to begin with; (b) mismanaged it when they had it; (c) has/had other issues unrelated to money. 376 more words


Pushing Back on Debt

I never wanted this blog to be about anything negative or political, but this morning I feel so strongly about something I feel like I need to write about it. 580 more words


Tips for Helping First Home Buyers

There’s no doubt – getting the deposit for your first home can be hard, so hard in fact that now almost 1/3 of first home buyers are seeking alternative options to get their first home – they are seeking the help of family.  341 more words

Managing Money