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Everything you do communicates

The Cantonese have a proverb that warns us to watch out for the man whose stomach doesn’t move when he laughs. Flab aside, does your stomach move when you laugh? 780 more words

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The Hardest Thing in the World

Being the manager of people is no easy task. As one of my second year psychology professors was always keen to say: “People are not logical… they are psycho – logical.” 641 more words

Change Management

Your Boss’s Work-Life Balance Matters as Much as Your Own

Your Boss’s Work-Life Balance Matters as Much as Your Own

When leaders actively support more sustainable ways of working in these four dimensions, the result is a significant positive impact on employees’ engagement, stress levels, retention, and job satisfaction.  20 more words

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Managing People online course

Managing People e-learning course

Get the best out of your people!

Our Managing People elearning course will help you develop the personal and professional skills needed for effective people management and leadership. 205 more words

Ice Cream and Pizza

So I got into a message board discussion, which is something I rarely do, but this person needed help… bad.

She mentioned that morale among the Customer Service staff was low because the company was consistently late on delivering products and customers were complaining.  364 more words

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Assets vs Liabilities

Focus on the process, not the result: I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come – Michael Jordan

I was watching the movie, “ 2,461 more words


Drink the Kool Aid


Was it mass suicide or mass murder?  Whichever, it changed the meaning of drinking Kool Aid.

In 1978 Cult leader Jim Jones was involved in the deaths of 900 of his followers in Guyana who drank Kool Aid laced with cyanide.   687 more words