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R.O.W.E, R.O.W.E, R.O.W.E, Your Boat...Whenever The Heck You Like

As I’ve discussed before, and will likely explore a lot more in future, the 1950′s organisational “asses-on-seats-in-offices= productivity” thinking needs to go. We’ve all got mobile devices blah blah, always reachable blah blah- thats old news by now. 695 more words

Company Structure

Leadership: Facing the Storm and taking Responsibility

Taking responsibility for failures is very hard – especially when you don’t feel responsible or when you feel you were equally hurt as all the people impacted by the situation or the issue. 1,169 more words

Crisis Management

A Primer on Measuring Employee Engagement


Much has been studied about the impact of employee engagement on company performance, and there is general agreement that increased engagement drives results: Gallup, for example, … 91 more words

Human Resources

Steve Jobs Talks About Managing People

Being an Apple fan, I found this interview with Steve Jobs fascinating. I always imagined him to be a leader who managed by fear (which I don’t subscribe to) but here I like his vision about allowing the best ideas to win. 13 more words


Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Talent?

As I was crying into my beer on the devastating loss my favorite football (American) team, San Francisco 49ers suffered this past Sunday, I came across this article “ 419 more words


Dilbert, Dogbert and Change

Today’s workplace should look more like a jazz band rather than a Dilbert-style bureaucracy that looks more like a dysfunctional marching band. As Dilbert pointed out (in The Dilbert Principle) our approach to talent management is deeply flawed. 1,181 more words


Coworkers Should Be Like Neighbors, Not Like Family

All companies want engaged employees. After all, people who are engaged put in effort that goes above and beyond the minimum that’s required to complete a task. 716 more words

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