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By: Katie Jones, CVT­­­

With the endless moisture this year, the horse-care watch list seems to grow; one of the items on this list should be scratches. 377 more words


"Management is just babysitting adults"

Who hasn’t heard a manager make this statement or one like it. I have decided to agree with them but I also want to encourage these managers to take another look at babysitting.   72 more words


Fall tune up for broodmares

Is your mare expecting a foal next spring? If so, there are a few dates to remember. Vaccination against Rhinopneumonitis, a common cause for mid to late term abortions, should be administered at months 5, 7 and 9 of gestation.   566 more words


Funding a Business

Funding a business is a task that requires your time and attention, early on. Raise funds or capital before you actually need it. Of course, you have the option to use your own capital such as cash, savings, credit cards, or equity in your property. 256 more words


Smoke and Mirrors

If there’s method to this
madness then
go on, let me have it
because my nerves are
wearing thin and
the dawn is weighin’
in on… 210 more words



By: Katie Jones, CVT

Many riders have had the experience of walking out to the barn only to find one or more of their horse’s legs are swollen.   552 more words


Why Roller Tycoon is a Great Game

If I had to pick which game I spent the most time with when I was younger, Roller Coaster Tycoon would probably be pretty high on the list.   1,218 more words