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Higher Education

What is Change Management?

Change management is the process of ensuring improvements to a system are absorbed and adopted as best as possible.  As noted in the blog on process improvement the company must first ask itself what do we want to achieve with this change (the goal).  332 more words


Pay Attention!

“Keep in mind that you cannot control your own future. Your destiny is not in your hands; it is in the hands of the irrational consumer and society. 68 more words

Women In Corporate America

$10 an Hour Job vs $10,000 an Hour Job

Time is more precious than Money.

Time is Value!

Major Tip: How’s your New Year Resolution going? I’m sure layoffs were not expected. This tip will hopefully empower you to improve on your independence. 194 more words

The Art of Leadership

There’s a big difference between managing and leading. The way I see it, managing in plain terms is the art of ‘organising’. Leading is the art of ‘influencing’. 730 more words

Business Strategy

What is Process Management?

Process improvement is the desire to design a new or improved methodology to make the customer happier by ensuring you, the company, is able to continue delivering the same product/service in a more efficient and/or effective manner. 336 more words


Jet Lag

Jet lag can feel like you’re on a 3 day bender if you don’t manage your sleep schedule right after you get off the plane. 199 more words