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The Old Tree - Manang - Nepal

Leaving Manang (11,545 ft) after one day acclimatization was hard. Looking back to get this shot though I was glad to be moving on to find out what lay ahead of me in the Himalaya.


The Annapurna Circuit - Part 2

The Manang region of the Annapurna Circuit is quite different from Lamjung. It is quite dry and sunny. The locals here are similar to Tibetans in culture and religion. 896 more words


Climbing above Manang

Annapurna Circuit – Part VIII: Manang (3540m)

On our second day in Manang, I jumped out of my bed at the break of dawn, stuck my head into the kitchen and asked for my morning pot of marsala tea, then snooped around the lodge until I found a set of stairs that led to the roof top. 548 more words


History Repeats Itself

My lovely sister-in-law has been posting my nine-month old nephew Lee’s milestones over at Facebook to update the family and in one of those, she recorded him jumping up my brother’s lap for more than a minute. 435 more words

Over the Hills Brings the Taste of Yaks

Annapurna Circuit – Part VII: Pisang – Manang (3250m-3540m)

We were getting higher and higher (Upper Pisang is 3310m), and the evenings were actually rather cool, so I finally found the need to actually crawl into my sleeping bag at night. 844 more words


Dearest Amae

We are not the mushy, lovey-dovey, say-I-Love-You kind of family. Showing feelings has never been my strong suit. Every time you trap me in one of your bear hugs I cringe a little, mostly because you’re heavy. 655 more words


Hi! I'm a Manang

Hello world!

Today I embrace my inner (and outer) Manang. Yes, I am the eldest sister. In my family, that means I rule (nyahahaha!). Yes, my siblings would protest – but they won’t because they know which side of their toast is buttered. 297 more words