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Hi! I'm a Manang

Hello world!

Today I embrace my inner (and outer) Manang. Yes, I am the eldest sister. In my family, that means I rule (nyahahaha!). Yes, my siblings would protest – but they won’t because they know which side of their toast is buttered. 297 more words


Nepal: The Annapurna Circuit

Lying at the heart of the Himalayas, overlooking the Tibetan Plateau to the north and the Indian Ganges Basin to the South, sits the landlocked country of Nepal, home to eight out of ten of the worlds tallest mountains. 2,647 more words

Rock Bunting

Emberiza cia
Nepali Name: शिला बगेडी Shila Bagedi

Birds Of Nepal

White-throated Redstart

Phoenicurus schisticeps
Nepali Name: सेतोकण्ठे खञ्जरी Seto Kanthe Khanjari

Birds Of Nepal

He's Like My Son

An account of a very special lady and her dog, whom we met at our camp in Upper Pisang – As soon as she handed her dog to us, she put her hands to her face and turned away.  533 more words


Red-billed Chough

Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax
Nepali Name: टुङगा Tunga

1. One of the most noticeable birds of the high altitudes in Nepal, as noisy as they are gregarious. 42 more words

Birds Of Nepal

Breaking Barriers

On 31st May, our team set off from Besisahar (760m), capital of Lamjung District. From here, we’d begin our journey into Manang District, the destination of the Himalayan Mutt Project’s pilot neutering and vaccination programme.