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Hail to the Powers of the Sea!

So, this happened recently in Ireland.

In general, I’m a pretty easy going polytheist. There are some out there with whom I agree on many points, but whose hostility toward monotheism I don’t agree with. 774 more words

Modern Day Worship

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This whole thing angers and upsets me more than words could ever properly express. An overwhelming flood of violent emotions overtook me the moment I read and heard about this travesty, and I’m sickened to the core that someone actually did this sort of thing – Those bastards! My only hope is that the statue of Manannan Mac Lir is found and returned to its proper place, and that the ones who committed such a crime be properly punished. While I’m neither a spouse or a devotee of Manannan Mac Lir, I am quite fond of the old Seadog and count him amongst a host of deities that I’m friendly to and fond of, even more so since he is the father (depending on which version of the lore you go by) of an ancestral goddess to one of the clans I’m descended from on my father’s side. Hail Manannan mac Lir! Hail the rider of the waves! Hail the foster father of the many skilled one! Hail the father of Aine!

Illegal action against freedom of expression is just plain lazy

Just weeks after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, another incident happened in Northern Ireland in which it appears religious fanatics took illegal action because they were offended by artistic expression. 675 more words