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Women in Espionage Roles

I have just watched the three films in the Jason Bourne trilogy, and when the third film ended I noticed two things that stood out quite clearly. 2,877 more words


Obama is your boss? RUN! Part Deux

Manchurian Obama is a world-class avoider of responsibility, always keeping himself outside of any accountability so that he can best present himself as a hero of the Oppressed People — “Damn those people in Washington!!”, he always seems to be saying, as though he is not among them, and in fact holding the highest office in Washington and on the planet earth. 526 more words

Professional, Not

John Brennan - The CIA -Zbigniew Brzezinski - Columbia University and Obama

Time to connect the dots, again.  Treehouse Research – Going Deep.

While attending Occidental University, 1979 – 81′, young Barack Obama meets a former Jimmy Carter administration official Zbigniew Brzezinski.  1,785 more words

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I am reblogging this article to add the continuing Manchurian candidate portfolio that Barry ??? was created as a CIA asset used to deceive the American public with collusion with the house of Saud probably to manufacuture the framework for the coming of the Mahdi and to get the Muslim brotherhood on board to carry out an insurgent brown shirt operation in the United States when martial law is declared by these New World Order traitors. I am also adding this material along with upcoming posts and youtube videos linking the cult of Subud with the CIA and Barry's cult member mommy with every state that Obama lived in the United States. This also connects the dots with the installment of cult member Loretta Fuddy to head up the Department of Health in Hawaii to falsify official documents on Obama's and the cult of Subuds behalf. Who knows how many foreign national Muslim cult assets have been developed by Zbigniew Brzezinski and fellow CIA operatives.

Like a Dog That's Been Beat Too Much

Gonna take yet another stab at simplifying the “Manchurian candidate” stuff. Reminder again, this is not leisurely daydreaming conspiracy hobby for me. This is part of what I’ve experienced and I know the people responsible are American. 1,790 more words