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Cold Slice - Episode 2, Trend

Three months ago in the early morning hours, the sound of a heavy metal door unlatching filled a mostly empty warehouse, near the waterfront. Hidden in plain sight among the many dilapidated structures is one whose outer facade bears no relationship to its interior. 2,512 more words

One Past Midnight

MKULTRA Documentary and What We Need to Know

Watched this last night.

National Geographic, “CIA Secret Experiments,” 2008:



It includes how we got from Dachau to tests on the NYC transit system, LSD experiments on prisoners and Johns, Ewen Cameron at McGill, lethal Sarin nerve agent testing in the UK as motive for murdering Frank Olson, etc. 1,054 more words

Opinion - ISIS’s Austrian jihadi brides ‘have changed their minds and want to come home’ - The Times of India - John Gelmini

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Dr Alf poses an interesting question to which the hard answer is “no they should not be allowed home ever”.

Firstly, we do not know whether these people have genuinely changed their minds or whether we are being duped into allowing back dangerously troubled people, who can be triggered into acts of violence by means of a telephone call or microwave message. 211 more words


Cold Slice

Episode One, Destiny

Dave Amato had just turned thirty-eight, when his life took a series of turns he never imagined.

Have you ever had one of those days, where by no fault of your own, it slipped from nice to awful, and from awful to nightmarish. 818 more words

One Past Midnight

"Homeland": A Good Argument for Closing the Place Down

This week I spent three evenings watching the third season of “Homeland”.[1] Outside the weather was cooling down with a good rain for early October, but inside my brain was about to explode. 671 more words

Duncan O'Finioan: A Real Manchurian Candidate?

Paraphrased from a Project Camelot interview with Duncan O’finioan:

They wanted me because I’m half Native American and half Celtic. The reason is that these two races are more imposed to paranormal or psy-abilities. 3,049 more words