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Doraemon meets Dragon Ball in the weirdest mash up we've seen today

Writing for RocketNews24, we get to see some unusual stuff nearly every day. The Internet, in all its infinite wisdom and fluffy kittens, can get pretty weird sometimes, as you are all probably very well aware. 486 more words


Hipster Recommendations Week 10: Harmonie.

Naturally, I’m a few many weeks off and this should be Week 25 probably. Whatever.

So the Mirai Animator Project (2014) is a thing again, and this years strongest contender is the 25 minute “movie” that I’m going to be talking about: Harmonie, effectively done by Studio Rikka. 187 more words


I hate these fake snappy bubblegums..

My reaction everytime someone manage to trick me. ( ” Ò ‸ Ó) 


A Transient Mermaid in Love - One Shot

Lần đầu dịch truyện tranh, mong mọi người thông cảm!!! :)

Translator + Editor: Mộc Lan

Tên: A Transient Mermaid in Love

Tác Giả: - 17 more words


A Few Reasons Of Why Mekaku City Actors Could Become The Best Thing Ever.

In case you haven’t noticed, my expectations are sky-high for this show.

So as episode 1 happened a few days ago, I couldn’t stand the idea of waiting another two weeks to be able to talk about this show, instead I have decided to share my unrealistic expectations with you guys, so we can all be dissapointed together. 120 more words


Manga Cross-Stitch at S-Con

I love cross stitch and I love anime and manga. That’s why I made Manga Cross Stitch, a book that shows you how to combine the two and make your own, original, Japanese-inspired needlecraft designs. 451 more words


Naruto 673

Goodness. I know I predicted Sasuke will get the Rinnegan in my earlier post, but he seriously got it in this chapter? I did that in jest, Kishimoto-sensei!!! 253 more words

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