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Junjou Romantica Gets 3rd Season!

The 18th volume of Nakamura Shungiku’s boys love manga, Junjou Romantica has revealed that the anime series will be getting a 3rd season.




Type: Flying, Normal

This Pokémon is especially good for twins or people who have Split Personality. Doduo/Dodrio are known to have that twin stereotype of telepathy, they share each other’s thoughts with a simple mind reading, which could be very helpful if one was depressed. 101 more words


Oyasumi Punpun Review

Oyasumi Punpun (Goodnight Punpun) is a manga about a boy’s transformation into an adult. As a boy, he falls in love with Aiko. But things happen. 443 more words


Naruto 687 Discussion - Kakashi's contribution to the fight

If Kishi gets rid of chakra, Kakashi’s contribution to the fight against Kaguya would still be possible. And for that he needs those eyes. Which is sad, really. 209 more words

Naruto 687 - Hangormo will resurrect Madara

My suspicion is that Hangormo will resurrect Madara somehow. Madara will be able to take everyone to the dimension and he will end up sacrificing himself like Obito. 230 more words

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Naruto 687 Prediction - Hamura and Hagoromo

I must admit when Naruto got stabbed I thought to myself not again. It was good to see that Naruto was smart and shifted the Dama balls to another clone… 288 more words

Naruto Manga

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu Chapter 92-95 Review - Drunk In Power

Am I the only one that been missing chapter releases? Didn’t know they release three already. Chapter 92-94 focused batattoshi between Class E and Class A. 76 more words