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Black Butler

One of my favorite anime’s/ manga’s is Black Butler. Black Butler is an amazing anime which describes the tales of Sebastian serving Ciel Phantomhive. Everyone ships Ciel and Sebastian which means they’d be cute together. 119 more words

[Manga Style]: Kino Makoto

This is what I have always imagined Makoto to be like. A slight scowl on her face, reserved and intimidating. 22 years later, I’ve come a long way from my clumsy drawings of Makoto and her big anime eyes which I loved so much as a 7-year old. 54 more words


One Piece 769 Chapter - The Will's Of Fate!

I mean is DD already knows laws abilities One Piece 769 Raw. He fought him quite a number of times and has also been in his ‘room’ before which is why I think Trevor meant something else. 243 more words


One Piece 769 Release Date - The Celestial Dragon!

Anyway, One Piece 769 Spoiler imo. Hopefully Oda is bringing some good old fight next week. Maybe focusing on Law or Luffy. But I have the sensation that he showed us this reminder of the fights so he can end them one by one, kind of. 184 more words


One Piece 769 Scans - A Clash Of Natural Enemy!

Except for discovering that Dellingay is an half-mermaid. Great. I can’t stand this character either One Piece 769 Scans, his laugh, his attitude, his look. 182 more words


One Piece 769 Chapter - The Time!

It is a disgrace that he is wielding the kings haki. This guy insults Garp One Piece 769 Raw, as he seemed to have given him some trouble back then. 173 more words


One Piece 769 Manga - The Trigger Back

I hope this time Robin will have a real fight One Piece 769 Spoiler. I thought she was gonna beat Gladius but apparently that’s Cavendish’s fight. 136 more words