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Angus - Day 3 at the spa

Okay – tried the hot-tub. Warm yes – relaxing – not so much. Kept thinking the attendant human was going to drop me in the drink. 108 more words


Angus - 18 hours after rescue

It’s been 18 hours since I was plucked from the garden and installed in my Hedgehog Health Spa condominium. Haven’t tried the hot pools or oil massage yet (my medication needs 24 hours to work), but the food here is fab.


[DISCUSS] Sometimes, I just hate people...

So, there is a story going around about a Texan couple that caught an animal and claimed it to be a chupacabra. They got on the local news, seemingly having kept the animal in a trap outside for at least a day or more, dumping food on its head and insisting chupacabras are real and living in their backyard.

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My name is ANGUS...

My name is ANGUS…and I have mange. It looks horrible. It IS horrible. But if you see someone like me, please don’t turn away. Mange is painful and deadly – and so easily fixed. 116 more words


...and now for something completely different.

Last time on Die Schwarze Zyklon…. things happened……. or not I don’t know. But You will In the this weeks exciting update. Right here.

Firmalogo design

Alltid er det mange muligheter når det kommer til hvordan lage et logo design. Man har to valg…

March 21st, 2014

Day 33 of the whole 30 diet: I haven’t had soda in over a month. I guess I miss it, but I haven’t really been craving it as much as I was in the beginning. 256 more words