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Throwback Thursday: Smoothie Dreams

One thing I’m not a huge fan of? The cold. Yes, I’m well aware that it’s inevitable in the Northeastern United States between the months of November and March. 282 more words


How to Paint Mangoes and Leaves: Acrylic Paint

It was a sultry mid-summer day here in Queensland.

Perfect for mangoes.

Sweltering in the 33C heat I set up my easel in a shady spot. 256 more words


Mango Tree Bistro

if you’re looking for an authentic Thai food and not the toned-down Filipino-Thai sweet version, Mango Tree is the best place to go.

All the dishes served in Mango Tree Bistro are authentic Thai food, you could really taste the authentic spices in their dishes. 101 more words


Poetry, Planning, The Word Sanctuary

Poetry reading, I’ve found, is very personal. You’re nervous about your poem, whether it’s good or not. Your legs are shaking and your fingers tremble, but you let go all of this just to make sure you control your voice and keep it strong. 349 more words


Mdala Chikowa Beach, Mangochi - Malawi


A mango tree along the Lake Malawi waters, on Mdala Chikowa beach in Mangochi, Malawi. 8 more words


सोचती हूँ एक बार गाँव हो आऊँ

सोचती हूँ एक बार गांव हो आऊं,
शहरों के आडम्बरों से जी उकता सा गया है ।

गांव में अभी भी खेत खलिहान तो होंगे ,