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Shift Ronins in Mactan Island


Our view? Visit my previous post here. :)

Enjoy your Sunday everyone! 61 more words


In Summer!

#namethatmovie. It’s getting to be that time of year. Technically it’s still Spring but close enough. The weather is definitely saying Summer. That means we have hot, heavy days that often end in a raging storm. 217 more words


23 October 2014

This was the real beauty from this week – a gorgeous metallic looking insect.  I think this bug is even on one of the Fiji postage stamps. 335 more words

General Interest


    Failure is a part of life. Yes it is. There’s no denying it. Everybody fails. EVERYBODY fails. I could tell you about all the people who are now successful who have failed a lot in many different areas. 813 more words



             Without further adieu, I’ll admit to being no exception to what I am about to say. I am weird, Well I’ve been told that I’m weird. 505 more words


Delicious Fruit Puree and One Sentence Per Picture

In Hungry Runner Girl fashion, here goes one sentence per picture!

Thank you, FoodieBabies, for this AWESOME Tropical Breeze fruit puree recipe that the boys devoured! 171 more words



Some delicious fruits for dessert?!?

While traveling home in a cab with some heavy traffic and an Air Supply background music. Lol.

Do not sleep, Guen!

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