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Last Week on With Mangoes and Bananas I wrote about how a daring young rat came into my room on a solo mission and what happen. 827 more words


Aamz vs. Mouse

Yet again. I’m in the position where I don’t know what to talk about! The thing is either I have a lot of stuff to talk about or I have nothing at all. 716 more words


Peach and Mango Chutney

This experimental recipe was inspired by the fact that Margie was hanging out for another batch of Spiced Peach Chutney and that Brisbane has had a bumper crop of mangoes due to the dry season in 2000. 229 more words

The Never Ending Cookbook

Grandma's Mangos

Cutting up mangos is a pain in the neck. Everyone knows that. It’s not a particularly graceful endeavor. If you want them to come out looking like something even remotely edible, you really have to put some time into it. 802 more words


I Don't Like Chilli

Well I don’t. I see no sense in eating something that, to me, takes away the taste of the food, if the food has a perfectly agreeable taste of its own. 807 more words

How To : Mango Lassi (dairy free)

I had my very first Mango Lassi on holiday in Indonesia when, at 3 months pregnant, I wasn’t able to indulge in pool-side cocktails! A Lassi was my luxurious alternative, complete with pineapple wedge and paper umbrella! 222 more words