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My Top 10 Jamaican Foods to Eat

The only thing I love more than being Jamaican is our food.  I’ve put a list together of my top 10 favourite Jamaican foods to eat.  73 more words

Spinach Smoothie

This tasty smoothie is great for digestive health and helpful for our immune system. Try this delicious smoothie now!

Ingredients Needed:

Food Recipe

Mango magic

It has been an exciting couple of days at CHO h/q this week. We have been in the middle of an impromptu fundraiser, organised by Richard, which has come out of a generous and uplifting gesture of a family of mango growers  (the Marks clan) from Katherine in the Northern Territory. 496 more words

Grocery Shopping with Style!

NaBloPoMo DAY 17:

These days, I don’t go to the grocery store much.  I’m shopping for one, you see, and us singletons don’t consume food as fast as, say, a family of four.  602 more words



YouTube as we all know is a video sharing site launched in 2005. As I write this I’m watching a YouTube video (||Superwoman”||’s daily vlog… 797 more words


All hail mango season

One of the things I LOVE about this time of year is mangoes are in season. I know it is becoming more and more common to be able to get them all year round as we now import them from the USA and Mexico. 425 more words


why to eat mango

After my family and I moved to Florida  to a beautiful typical Floridian house with a huge yard and two huge mango trees, did I said “mango tree” as a south Caribbean native i growth up eating mango part of my youth in NYC only I ate mango in the summer , but now is my joy eat mangoes 3 & 4 times daily,  I did my research of why this delicious fruit is so good for your health  here are the benefits. 680 more words