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Wisdom & Diplomacy Are Required by Shaykh Ubayd al Jaabiree

An advice from Shaykh Ubayd al Jaabiree regarding advising/warning the people from bid’ah and it’s people:

“I say: Wisdom is required; diplomacy is required; so that one will win the people over and clarify to them the truth. 79 more words

Manhaj (Methodology)

Benefit from the Class of Moosa Richardson: The Status of the Ulemah

Moosa Richardson (hafidahullah) said some remarkable things in his lesson tonight on Tafseer Surat an-Najm.

While speaking of the status of the Ulemah (scholars), he informed us that the scholar is a warrior, holding back the tides of fitnah. 223 more words

Manhaj (Methodology)

Thorns in the Backsides of Ahlul Bid'ah

Evidences, evidences and more evidences against those who attempt to alter, manipulate and make false interpretations of the Religion, and likewise those who promote the inclusion of false ideas, whilst attempting to negate the concept of refutation. 968 more words

Manhaj (Methodology)