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Shaykh Ubayd's advice to us concerning Tahir Wyatt..

السلام عليكم ورحمة لله وبركاته.

Ikhwaan, your brothers at Daar us Sunnah Denver just recieved this statement from Shayhk Ubayd, may Allah preserve him, that was narrated by our beloved brother Abu Ziyaad: 24 more words


Which place is better? Madinah, Makkah or the land of Jihad?

Ibn Taymiyyah said it is the ‘consensus of all the scholars that for a man to spend time stationed in the path of Allah is better then staying in Makkah, Madinah, or Jerusalem.’ 543 more words


Virtue of 'getting trained in ribat'

The scholars of Ahlul Sunnah wal Jammaah have stated that, in the field of training, it is recommended to target shoot between two targets on opposite sides. 294 more words

Ulema E Salaf

Participating in the system of kufr!

If any institution is set up to oppose the Shariah, or its’ origins lie in the patronisation of a kaafir ruler, then its’ methodology can be nothing other than kufr. 785 more words


Ruling by man-made laws - Is it allowed?

We also count the words of one of the callers and inciters to the Shari`ah and going out in the path of Allah. Let us think deeply on the words of the Shaikh, former tafsir teacher at al-Azhar, al… 229 more words


Denying the Shariah laws of Islam

The great scholar of Islam, al`Allamah Shaikh Haafiz al-Hakami (rh) made these remarks in relation to the one who denies the Shariah laws of Islam, he said, … 200 more words