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I am a Passionate Woman

Nope, this is not a self-affirmation post. Please bear with the title. :-D

Nobody told me life would be like this.” That’s something I’ve heard my father say a number of times, and I don’t think statements get truer than that. 448 more words

Air Of Perfection

The man at the Faire.

Yesterday was the second day at the annual farmers’ Faire in our area. The Faire originally started out as a way for farmers to show off best if breed, best steeds, a rodeo, who was best at tractor pulls, etc. 772 more words

Society & Culture

Marriage Juice July: July 27 - "I'm praying for you"

Good morning, men.

Think about how you felt the last time someone sent you an email which read, “I’m praying for you”.

I know I’m always thankful and humbled when someone tells me that. 236 more words

Angel's Share

I am of substance
not always of means
but oaken of heart
sturdy spirit aged
long in the barrel
that clock hands
well coopered with… 82 more words


My Son - A Man in the Making

This past week we have been heavily involved in the Kalkaska County Fair.  We raise pigs for the kids to auction, and my daughter also has a dog she shows and does horseback riding as well.  1,504 more words

Verses in Manhood: My Papa's Waltz

If Jack Bauer wrote poetry, it would be here | Verses in Manhood

I looked at a few different poems before I came across this one and I liked it immediately. 248 more words


Man Up

MAN UP!! I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before. Father’s say it to sons, big brothers say it to little brothers, coaches say it to players, uncles say it to nephews, mentors say it to mentees, and (I would hope not too often) wives may say it to husbands. 614 more words

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