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Common myths about "real" men

There seems to be a list of things out on the internet that need to be accomplished to define yourself as a “real” man. Lets break them down one by one.


There is No Pill for "Can't"

I’ve recently been working as a tutor and self-defense instructor for a group of junior-high and high- school boys through the Joseph Center. The… 833 more words

Raison D'être

I was a tumor … or so I’ve been told.

A chance meeting with one of my neighbors today revealed this to me. He knew my dad when I was born, and that’s what my dad had told him when my mom was taken to the hospital the night of my birth. 275 more words

'Meet the Press': Happy Easter, let's talk about ... Obama's 'manhood problem'


Well, this happened on Easter Sunday:

David Brooks: “Let’s face it, whether deservedly or not does have a manhood problem in the Middle East” …

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