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Kasihan pada Gadget Mania

Kadang kasihan pada mereka yang seharian berjibaku dengan gadget. Mata mereka hanya berinteraksi beberapa senti dengan LCD, tanpa sempat melihat keadaan sekitar, lupa senyum pada sesama, lupa waktu terus berputar sementara tugas-tugas tertinggal. 49 more words

Sosial Media

Diary Entry 1

Dear Diary,

A lot has been going on in my life.

I remember praying once, for a more happening life.

But my God, this is not what I meant. 389 more words

Depression is a prison, where you’re both the suffering prisoner, and the cruel jailer.

This quote by Dorothy Rowe, is the epic truth behind depression. A person battling depression is always on both sides- the oppressor, and the defender.

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The Haircut

“Come on Sarah, get your stuff together, we have to go to Baton Rouge”, my stepmother said, as she started gathering up her folders containing stacks of papers which had to be graded, later that evening. 657 more words

Mental Schpelth

About a year ago I created a Tumblr, the first entry went something like this …

I try not to dissect everything in life, words, people, thoughts, scenarios, etc… I try not to over analyze the very simple things that I turn into a situation that should be made into a movie.

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The Time My Mania Impulsively Bought A Hot Rod

I was nineteen and in the early years of my bipolar diagnosis. I was old enough to know better and young enough not to care. And I was manic. 455 more words


Transitioning? I Don't Know.

I’ve been “transitioning” from depression to hypomanic for about 6 days now I think. It hit me today though that maybe I have transitioned. I’m just more in control and am practicing healthy coping mechanisms more regularly. 120 more words

Bipolar Disorder 2