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My Rocky Path

Life is often times filled with the unexpected and sometimes it is filled with complacency. I just read a post from a friend and I felt my heart go out to her during her hard time of loneliness. 378 more words

Personal History

Go to Sleep

When all of my other coping mechanisms fail, I take an OTC sleep aid and fall asleep. It’s not my go-to solution, but it’s better than launching myself into a psychotic episode that might last for days.


Hi I'm an Autism mom

Let me introduce myself. My name is Celeste and I am a mom of an Autisitc daughter. She is high functioning,but honestly does that matter? They all have the same problems in the end. 443 more words


After that manic episode...

I found myself in an ambulance because of the adderall od, have taken steps to become a patient at a free&sliding scale psychiatric/mental health service facility (because of the hospital visit), reaching out to an old friend/first love (maybe a mistake? 169 more words

Loving Animals

One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself is to get a cat. He calms me down when feeling anxious. Sometimes when I’m feeling manic, he comes and sits on my lap and I’m reluctant to move him because he’s sleeping. 78 more words

Social Situations

The Ego and the Escape from Connectivity

I have a confession to make: I am a weak person. I’m often embarrassed by myself and am extremely insecure. I possess an endless number of “selves” and in the past few months, one of these selves has been that of “blogger.” I’ve used this self to build me up. 594 more words

Time Bomb

A mind is like a time bomb,

In more ways than one.

Our lives tick away

Until a moment of silent

Detonation and our souls pass peacefully… 210 more words