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My Rocky Path

Life is often times filled with the unexpected and sometimes it is filled with complacency. I just read a post from a friend and I felt my heart go out to her during her hard time of loneliness. 378 more words

Personal History

Why Suicide?

Why Suicide?.

via Why Suicide?.

This is reblogged from BipolarBloger. I found this to be very spot on and if you’ve read some of my BP blogs and are trying to understand the complexities of bipolar disorder, this explains suicide perfectly. 35 more words

Cuticles & Calluses

I keep picking at the dead calluses on my hands. It’s gross, but I sort of like them. I imagine something so soft and vulnerable being sanded down, again again again, until what emerges but thick, tough, unfeeling hide? 494 more words

What are you?

It’s like dreaming of something beautiful and waking to a nightmare reality. It’s like many things really. But all of them are too inadequate to really describe what it  185 more words

Bipolar Thoughts: Insomnia, and the Lure of "Productivity"

Managing bipolar requires a strange mental flexibility. When I’m depressed, my goal is to take action on everything I consider doing, because otherwise, I’ll just let the thought pass and spend all day in bed.  503 more words


The Story of a Em and a Hoom

It is about a boy, his mother, his father and his sister. Or just about a boy growing up with his mother, whichever way you want to look at it. 175 more words

The Bipolar coaster

With its many ups and downs, Bipolar can be a hard disorder to live with. I have been diagnosed with bipolar for about 11 years now, though I now know that it has been a lot longer that I have lived with it. 306 more words