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The Problem with Positive People - A Manic Depressive's Perspective

We of the manic depressive community aren’t always depressed or always manic.  That’s part of the fun — which is it going to be today?  But when we’re in the midst of depression, whether it be an hour or a month, the  785 more words


Jenifer Lewis: “You Have To Love Yourself”

The powerful voice. The attitude. The smile.  All things that we recognize about Jenifer Lewis, even if we may not recognize her name. The well-known actress has been in many memorable roles and continues to thrill audiences. 450 more words


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Happy 58th Birthday Jenifer Lewis!

What's Wrong With Me?

After dispensing life/coping advice and inspiration (hopefully) by sharing what I’ve been learning from personal experience in most of my previous blog posts, I write today in a state of confusion and wonder at myself; at the forefront of all the thoughts in my mind sits a big, bold question-mark, beckoning me to seek some answers to make it disappear. 994 more words


Back to School

So, my next semester starts tomorrow. I’m now halfway done with my MFA, and this semester I’ll have a nice split of prose, poetry, and CNF (hooray for zero professional development courses!). 319 more words



I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy being well. I have had a few breakthrough anxiety and angry days but no where near what I was experiencing. 123 more words

Comedian Lewis Schaffer gets serious about madness, his mother and himself

“Honestly!” I said to Lewis Schaffer’s official stalker Blanche Cameron at the end of last night’s show, “It’s so frustrating! The things I can’t blog about!” 1,508 more words


Split-Aparts and Star Dust

Today I have connected some dots. Some of the star dust dots that we are all made of and that I have always wanted to physically feel in my blood and in my skin. 978 more words