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Sex. Again.

Hypersexuality is one of the ‘aspects’ of my diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.

It was one of the several light bulbs that flicked on when I first got my diagnosis. 515 more words


Still here

The shock had relaxed a little, although I look at the calendar everyday to see if it’s been 45 or 90 days or five months. I can’t believe i have to wait another long stretch of time to have a decision about where my life, the entirety of my life, will go. 728 more words

09/22/2014 - I let myself down... again

An old acquaintance passed away today. She was a lovely woman. I never heard her raise her voice or say a harsh word about anyone. She never gossiped and was always pleasant. 406 more words

Weight Loss

An introduction, though I hope it won't scare you off...

There are so many things I struggle with in my day to day life.  I want to be able to share them and get feedback and encouragement and I am just not finding it within my non-web life.  1,022 more words

Weight Loss

Conspiracy Theories and Mental Illness

I enjoy intellectual discussion and love to play devil’s advocate when debating someone who has very strong points of view. Even if I agree with someone, I like to see if they can defend their position. 366 more words


Bipolar Brain

Photo by contributor Matt Williams from Portsmouth, UK. In his late teens and early twenties he learned that he was living with bipolar disorder. He felt lost and in many ways existing or deluding himself rather than really living life. 131 more words


Me and purpose

The more I attend groups at this place name COVA, the more I discover about my true self.  I learn about my personality, my strengths, weaknesses, what I have to give to others, etc.   942 more words