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Medication: Why, oh why, are you so necessary?

7:30 pm.

It just occurred to me that I didn’t take my mid-day medication.  Off to the bathroom cabinet go I.

And I’m frustrated.  I mean, I feel fine.   478 more words


The False Tales of A Perfect Life.

First of all I’d like to start by saying I’m just your average highschooler, secondly I’d like to tell you the truth, I was born in 97 to a loving mother and father who loved me as much as he knew how to. 339 more words

Vanna Jay

An Introduction to the Functional Manic Depressive

Not gonna lie, having bipolar disorder sucks. I’ve started reading dozens of books about dealing with being manic-depressive, but I’ve never finished one. In my opinion, they’re all way too positive, which leads me to believe that the author(s) had no idea what it’s like to live with this disorder every day. 519 more words


Dark arts.

I have often drawn parallels between the highly artistic, creative, intelligent minds and these same minds carrying some mental health issue with them. After Robin Williams’ suicide several months back and mainstream media starting to talk about mental health, I wanted to see if my parallels were similar to the thoughts of others. 62 more words

Mental Health


Photo taken by a contributor in her thirties who has been diagnosed with bipolar II disorder. Consistently seeing her doctors and taking her medications is keeping her somewhat level, but the battle for stability is an ongoing one. 71 more words