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July 26th 2014. Dum Da Dum DUMMMMMM

Today I have to accept my quest, to get dressed and go get weighed, or slay the scale dragon.

I need to remember to bring headphones just to numb everything around me, I need to shift my mindset of feeling like I am on my way to the gallows. 291 more words

Daily Diary

Reduce - Do Over? Hope not.

This is a quick summary of my day.

We stopped at my Med provider who quickly added Latuda to my 400 MG Lamictal and changed my chill pill back to Diazapam.  396 more words


Chillin' in Seattle or What?

It’s 9:30 am and I’m waiting to do in to see my med provider before heading to Seattle with my son (19) and daughter (17) for the day. 144 more words


Manic Adventures, Part 4: When I Fell in Love

I thought I fell in love during my most recent manic episode. Interestingly enough, upon researching bipolar disorder, I found that people experiencing mania are more likely to feel in love. 680 more words


May Post

I never ever ever will understand.  Am I mentally retarded?  WHAT IS EVERYONE LOOKING AT.  WHAT DO PEOPLE SEE WHEN THEY SEE ME.

Sometimes I say the worst things because I want to see how far I can go, I want to say the worst things because I think they are funny and if I laugh when I say something really fucking awful and hurtful the delivery is less painful even though it’s the truth.  241 more words


Manic - Official Trailer

After her doctor goes out of town for the week, Faith finds herself out of her Psychotropic medication. As she begins to suffer severe withdrawals, she falls into an utter tailspin of deterioration. 43 more words