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Update on hubby and Ali

Hubby has been very manic and upset.

He is worried sick about Ali, as am I.

She has been his companion cat for four years and from the first night we brought her home at the age of three months, she has been putting him to bed. 228 more words

Gotta keep it moving

I went to intake today at OOD.  It is an organization that help people with physical and mental disabilities get and keep a job.  At the intake session they ask all about your work experience, education and disabilities and if you had any problems with substance abuse.   446 more words


All My (non-)Psychiatrists

After the escape from the clinic, I found myself in the office of a private psychiatric nurse. She had the garden variety essential tremor that comes with old age – I mean, late 70s old age – and she inspired no confidence in me. 406 more words


Complicated also titled "What the hell is wrong with me?"

I’ve had to remind myself of this lately. I am complex and complicated. As I slip into depression I tend to polarize everything and make myself, past, present and future into some sort of life-wrecking monster instead of a complex being with problems and flaws.  224 more words


On being manic

“So tell me what’s going on.”

My therapist pulled up a chair and turned his attention toward me.

My words, as if shot out of a cannon, attempted to keep up with my stream of thoughts. 191 more words