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Caffeine free

I learned something yesterday. After going 6 weeks with no caffeine, I drifted back into use and had a rather large 1/2 caff in the morning. 67 more words


Still So Grumpy

I realize that the moods are going to vary. We are human and I feel that us bipolars are just way more passionate about everything we feel. 253 more words


What Bipolar looks like on My end!

My head is reeling, with all the waves and waves of thoughts, they roll in sometimes in bright waves of color weaving through my mind. Red for frustration and elevated stress, black for  depression or just  dark somber thoughts, yellows and orange for mania which are often mixed in twists and turn of a color rainbow.   332 more words

Being Bipolar

Just," Why?"

So I think it’s been two weeks since I started taking Latuda (or larasidone). I was hoping to feel something but I don’t. I honestly think it’s already began and that once this ball gets rolling, it’s really hard to stop. 208 more words


Checking in good things to report

My library hosted an open mic poetry night tonight in place of my writer’s group meeting. There are people in my group that don’t generally share poetry so, tonight when they did, I was pleasantly surprised. 960 more words