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Day Number 2

Longest Day Ever!

Started the day by pouring the last of my coffee creamer into my ashtray instead of my coffee. Coffee which by the way was microwaved leftover from the day before. 209 more words


Day Number 1

So today I spent several hours trying to figure out what a “blog” is. I am still rather unclear but the description I got that I like the best is -a diary other people read. 231 more words


This is Me

So my therapist says I should write a book. That seems a little daunting. I almost wrote a book a few years ago. I was going to call it “My Life As A Teenage Stripper” . 437 more words



I am sorry to those who thought I was capable of daily updates. I wish I had so many beautiful words to say that they poured from me as easily as the sands in the hourglass, these days of our lives… 710 more words


Can I Go Home Now?

For some reason, I always used to say this to myself when I would cry.  Through college, through the awful transition into real life, through everything.  138 more words

Bipolar Disorder

Hey, You...You're Not Perfect

Me:  I know, but it’s really hard sometimes because I really expect perfection from myself, and I am in reality so far off of base that I can’t even describe it. 98 more words

Bipolar Disorder