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Today kick starts a two day marathon of Easter and church festivities. I sincerely dislike holidays.

So today, I have to:
Put on my girly clothes. 121 more words

Bipolar Disorder 2

Silent Spring

I climb the steps to the old woodland house I am renting a room in, the damp earth pungent in my nostrils.

A stray dog that took up residence in the nearby shed runs around my feet. 771 more words

The Right Kind of Wrong

I’ve been in winter (depression) but I have actively been fighting it. It has helped. As the day went on the compulsions and mental word judo increased. 302 more words

Bipolar Disorder 2


Caffeine hits the empty stomach like sparks hitting tinder. Furnace makes a rampaging wildfire of cackling energy spreading through veins into brains like electricity. Fingertips twitch like begging crack fiends, thirsty for their fix. 22 more words

Friday- GoodFriday

Hi Guys,

Well it’s good Friday and by god I have had a busy friday(has indeed been a Good Friday), Stephen (the boss) and I managed to have a catch up this morning (before the hoards flooded into)  and chat about the future etc. 297 more words

Trapped Lovers

Photo taken by a contributor in Upstate New York with bipolar disorder. While her life often feels like one obstacle after another, she is grateful to have photography, and a loving husband who helps her see color when she feels trapped in a world of black and grey. 136 more words


A good friday

I greet the day when she has already climbed high in the sky. No doubt she will be resentful I didn’t see her off this morning, but you can’t please everyone. 630 more words