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American History: A Review on Manifest Destiny

Here are the key points we discussed at today’s History Club meeting. We went over the basics for Manifest Destiny, the Mexican-American War, the Missouri Compromise, and the  62 more words


American Political Philosophy and Expansionism Part 1: A Shining City Upon a Hill

On April 8, 1630 the Arbella and her three escort ships departed from the Isle of Wight in England, bound for the New World. On board were about seven hundred men, women, and children. 1,213 more words


We made it to Texas!

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote about our plans!

Since I last worked on the blog 5 months ago, Adam and I: 673 more words

Manifest Destiny

The Value Of Humanity

If this is true—if Russians are dying for lack of hope, as they seem to be—then the question that is still looking for its researcher is, Why haven’t Russians experienced hope in the last quarter century? 785 more words


Greenland Annexes Part Of Arkansas

The nation of Greenland made their boldest expansion move yet Monday by annexing a road in the American state of Arkansas. Citing manifest destiny, about eleven or so Greenlandic troops moved in and scoops up what is considered by most of the state’s residents to the “the only road in the entire state worth a good gosh darn.” President Obama, seemingly oblivious to this invasion, has yet to issue a comment. 60 more words

Fate Doesn't Have A Modus-operandi

You’ve just arrived on a corner in downtown anywhere and while you pass the time before the light changes you’re thinking about your future; perhaps retirement; your current lover; or maybe the job you’ve just left for your lunch; or who knows, maybe you’re thinking about exactly nothing because you’ve been studying Zen. 463 more words


Iconic Art & Colour Post - Manifest Destiny by Matthew Roberts & Owen Gieni

When I initially started doing these types of posts, I had to learn about how and why certain aspects of the comic were successful. As my knowledge increased I realised that there was more to it than I had ever appreciated. 1,017 more words

Iconic Art