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Manifest Destiny

This is the building of my life and the life I want to live!

There’s quite an interest in society (myself included) that if you want something you have to make it happen. 128 more words


The Bachelor, Episode 2

Kimberly makes a really strong case for why she should stay: “I don’t know, I just would like a chance, that’s all.” After giving it some thought… 978 more words


the end means

was it our destiny
manifesting when we
first stabbed into
earth and drew from it
the black blood?

was it our destiny… 110 more words



The swift upbeat of the lecturer sickens me
“Now I guess I’ll get it out the way”
acknowledgement is too long a word, it’s a nod… 313 more words


Driving west late in the day

I’m driving west in the late afternoon; the strength of the sun has a dramatic effect on the drive westward late in the day. It causes traffic slowdowns and dangerous angles: angles of mirrors to soften the glare; dramatic angles of craned necks to shade your head all the way down to the eyeballs. 180 more words

The Forgotten Battle of the Texas Revolution: The Battle of Bexar

Every one has heard the story of the Alamo, how about, in March 1836, a group of 150-200 anglo men who were calling themselves Texians held off a Mexican army of thousands for thirteen days before being overran and killed.  937 more words

Gone To Texas - My WIP