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Day 16 (May 18, 2014): Blast from the Past

Woke up with my stomach still not feeling well, so I ate a light breakfast: omelet, one wheat toast and a handful of noodles. After breakfast, we began our journey back to Manipal. 905 more words

Day 12 (Wednesday, May 14): Places you Go, People you Meet

Hit snooze on the alarm today and woke up at 7:30am. 8:30am breakfast: omelet, curried potatoes and onions, tea. I saw Raushan sit at the long table by himself. 527 more words

Day 11 (Tuesday, May 13): Lost in Town

Woke up at 7:30am. Wanted to do something productive in the morning to make up for the laziness last night, but internet wasn’t working.

8:35am breakfast: mashed rice that looked and tasted like mashed potatoes, regular rice, omelet and tea. 1,356 more words

So I decided to drop-out...

Long time, no post.
The reason is because I either post when I am too relaxed or when I am too disturbed about something.

This time it is a smooth mixture of both. 1,080 more words

Day 10 (Monday, May 12): Sick Day

Woke up around 7:45am. Anna and I stepped out of our rooms at the same time so we walked to breakfast together at 8:30am. Breakfast consisted of onion pancakes, omelet, veggie curry and tea. 1,475 more words