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The Littlest Coffee

If you are the kind of person that needs strong coffee in the morning, India is not the place for you.  The classic Indian tea or coffee cup (at least in this area) is very small and aluminum (so very hot).   191 more words

The Water Treatment Plant

Not too many people get to see where the water coming out of their taps is treated, so this was a neat experience.  To be fair I do not drink this water, but it was still neat to see the water I shower in being treated.   357 more words

Surveillance & The Milk Supply

We had two recent public health visits that were relatively short and not particularly picture friendly.  So they go together!  We went to a milk pasteurization plant, which was a shocking 10 minutes away from where we live.   255 more words

The Turf War

There is a turf war occurring outside my hostel between the monkeys and the stray dogs.  These were taken across the street from my hostel, and unfortunately in the video you cannot see the dogs (or them obstructing traffic), but you can in the picture.   27 more words

Manipal offers MBA in Healthcare Management

MANGALORE: The School of Management, Manipal University (formerly the Manipal Institute of Management) has started accepting applications for its sectoral MBA in Healthcare Management slated to begin from July 2014. 14 more words

Workshop on app making

School of Information Sciences (SOIS), a constituent of Manipal University, in association with Tonse Technologies (P) Ltd. will organise a three-day workshop on software development on Android, Google’s mobile operating system, here from February 21 to 23. 58 more words


The Anganwadi Center

The Anganwadi Centers are small centers throughout India that provide general health care, mostly under the umbrella of children’s and women’s health.  Anganwadi means courtyard in Hindi, which represents the close ties that the Anganwadi workers are meant to have with the community.   174 more words