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re: I'm almost a bit disappointed

Well, this is pretty hilarious.

Within about half an hour after I posted the previous message, I happened to check his profile literally just as he posted the first… 134 more words

Forget About Him

Semi-stalking on FB

I’m not stalking him, really, I just keep an eye on when he’s online. I’ve still un-followed him and I haven’t been on his profile. I’m dying to… but I haven’t. 351 more words

Forget About Him

Mirror on the Beach

Visually manipulating the eye, in order to play with the way in which we consider and perceive conventional landscape photographs.


Aaand now I feel guilty

So this is how it goes (and always has done):

  • He acts like a cunt.
  • I tell him he acts like a cunt.
  • He doesn’t respond.
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Forget About Him

I've been obsessed

Not just that. I’ve been completely obsessed.

Sure, I have a tendency to put all my eggs in one basket when I’m smitten by someone, but if I feel disrespected or if I’m unnecessarily hurt too many times, I have the good grace to walk away and not look back. 623 more words


He's seen the message

So far it’s gone as predicted. He’s seen it and ignored it.

This is how it usually goes (ref. “I always know when I’ve hit the nail on the head, because on those occasions he doesn’t respond to the “accusations” directly” in… 195 more words


Action has been taken, Part One

Today I’ve done four things, as a direct result of yesterday’s event:

  1. I removed him from being visible on my chat list on FB, so I won’t see when or if he’s online…
  2. 473 more words