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Boyfriends and Why I Don't Manipulate Mine

We all knew this was coming. The boyfriend blog post. I’ll just jump right into it.

I’ve been dating Jay for a year and a half, but I met him when I was 13. 830 more words

Mirror on the Beach

Visually manipulating the eye, in order to play with the way in which we consider and perceive conventional landscape photographs.


Quotation On Manipulation

MANIPULATING others for selfish gain is no better than someone seeking fame for the purpose of promoting societal ills. Willfully misleading to meet individual goals is impersonal and wholly IMMORAL. 25 more words

Why We Love People Who Hurt Us

If you are in an unhealthy relationship (manipulator, narcissist, co-dependent, etc.) this is a good radio program.


What do you do with a child who is acting out in anger? 48 more words