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Flashback Fridays - Golden Clicks and Half a Sheep

It’s been a while since we’ve had A Flashback on a Friday (glad we decided not to go with that as a title for the series), but here are two that seem relevant today… 797 more words


Honesty Is Expensive - Cheap People Lie

   -Psychopaths lie in order to dominate others-
Because relationships are games to them, and because they view other people as objects and feel completely justified in exploiting them, psychopaths know that deception creates an uneven playing field. 532 more words


Character Assassination

I didn’t like reading how many of you relate to being gaslighted. It’s one of those areas that I know for me is still tender. 802 more words


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I endured Character Assassination too... and still do...

Lately | Complicated Grief and A Coping Strategy

A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with complicated grief

Prior to this label, I had some experience with grief, but never knew that it could be complicated. 789 more words

The Buck Stops There

In light of the shunning of my son, here is a conversation had between *Steve’s father and I. He was asking me to go live with him, and to bring Max along too. 371 more words


Lately | Strangers with Memories

As you know, I deactivated all of my social media accounts; in fact, I have now been off Pinterest for close to one month. 

Has that stopped Nancy? 470 more words

Steve's Daughter

So here’s a fact… none of *Steve’s family have ever seen his daughter – except his father who has only seen her once. She was four years old at the time, and will be eight this October. 214 more words