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Real Or Fake Message?

After talking to *Steve’s father on (via phone) on Monday, June 9th this year, he had required my mobile/cell number. The next day, Tuesday June 10th, he contacted me and asked for the address of where I was staying. 1,665 more words


Conflict Resolution

It is important to keep taking personal inventory. Not just of myself, but also of other people in relation to me. It helps me to stop for a moment and to think about my own feelings and thoughts on relationships. 457 more words

Predators And Prey

Identity Theft - Manipulating Belief and Substitution

Discontinuities in a person’s life such as moving location cause the loss of a social group who know that person, making it easier to target that person for identity theft, by which I mean replacing that person with someone fraudulently claiming to be them. 1,722 more words


Isn’t it curious
How fire burns
Quietly at first

But always
All consuming

Isn’t it marvelous
How fire moves

But always
Devastating… 84 more words


A Really Rough Night.

The night after Chris gave me proof about his mother’s situation, things really fell apart. It started with him saying he wanted to move. I expressed some concern… moving as soon as the 6 months is up? 306 more words

Welcome to the start of WW3- America's still asleep

World war 1 and World War 2 both started after many treaties between countries were in place(intentionally) Then a chain reaction began each time an assassination of another countries V.I.P.(WW1 was Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, WW2 was the polish doctor Zygmunt Klukowski,even though many other factors led to this incident) 528 more words

Government & Politics

Falling Down

For those of you who have been around for a while, you might recognize this place.

It’s falling down at a very rapid pace.

If you look between the two windows, you’ll see a giant rusted metal sheet. 276 more words

Ray Laskowitz