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They are Charming

Finding this 15+year-old paper in the pile of old writings I have made me so sick that I brought it into a therapy session. The assignment for health class was to write a six-page paper describing  “personal perceptions of strengths, weaknesses and goals while analyzing how people, experiences, and important issues in society affect personal behaviors and attitudes…” 446 more words

Days 0520 & 0521

One day all this custody and court stuff will be over, won’t it?
And that day won’t be when my son turns 18, will it? 135 more words

The Silence is Deafening

I have been struggling with a class conversation on domestic violence and whether to speak up when you see someone being victimized. My frustration comes from many places. 596 more words


The manipulation of religion in action

Tonight we brought dinner over to our dear friends Gavin and Jane, the parents who just lost their baby girl, and my husband’s best friend growing up.   239 more words


Semantics & Sly Stunts

I recently read yet another story of a teacher accused of abuse. Internal metaphorical bells tolled when a former student was quoted as saying, “He’s very good at passing off inappropriate things as being appropriate.” 522 more words

Ex Sociapath still hurts me....

When I heard from you
On that day
She broke your heart
All I could say…was

It’s gonna pass
Then you told me
There was no other love… 200 more words


I'm a...

Welcome to my, ‘I’m a’ poetry series. Small poems dedicated to any object in the universe

I circulate around a building
At a tremendous pace… 98 more words