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I'm not freaking out about OKCupid's "human experiments." Here's why you shouldn't either

Complaining about Facebook has become almost a sport at this point, but for a couple weeks in June and July, the disdain for the social network hit never-before-seen levels after it admitted to… 861 more words


Identity Tornado

I was in the process of creating my own hell and he was the demon clawing his way up out of it

His eyes were drenched in evil and if looks could kill he would have burned holes through half of the population by now as his stare melted its way through my fear – clenching it by the neck… 164 more words


The User: A Primer

Have you ever been used? Can you spot a user?

The user is a clever creature who uses your good nature in order to get you to do what he wants when you might choose not to do the same if asked honestly. 1,430 more words

Twenty Strikingly Consummate Photograph Manipulation Tutorials For Photoshop by Catalog Wishes

Gloss, creativity, patterns and the all round vibe – almost everything leaps. When you are making use of Photoshop manipulation to include effects to an image, there is little you can’t do! 34 more words

Common Core Stealing American History & Science

Deceit once again falls upon those behind the implementation of everything related to the Common Core Standards. Most recently released information about the new SAT test rules and the AP History and Science classes to be taught have some of this country’s highest ranking professors hair standing on end. 3,086 more words


Project Two: Palindrome

The palindrome project requires that the program test whether a given string is a palindrome, which is a word or phrase that is spelled with the same characters both forwards and backwards. 156 more words