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Cyril makes it look cool

Magician Cyril makes magic cool on Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde.


Textiles Samples

Introduction into the Textiles facilities I created an array of samples looking at texture, how to manipulate synthetic fabrics using heat and decorating using freehand embroidery. 89 more words

MIdweek Musings

Daily Dilemmas

It happens all the time: at work, you get paid for it. In relationships, you get dumped for it. And in friendships, there is seldom mending it. 468 more words

Peter Marvey on the World's Greatest Magic

This act really pushed me to learn what he was doing and made me a manipulation fan. Marvey is a FISM champion.

Stage Magic

Why Bible lovers reject Jesus


Religious people love the Bible because they think that salvation, eternal life, is in the Bible, in doing what is written in the Bible BUT doing so according to their own interpretation. 299 more words


Last night he saw me sitting on the ground doing some basic yoga stretches and exercises. Today I heard him doing a powerful (and noisy) one in the other room. 12 more words

Productive argument is inherently manipulative

You have to speak the language of other people’s reasoning and convince them not in your words but in their own.

The person who successfully persuades another has gotten inside their head, understood their mind and connected the dots for them.