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Do unto others

I fully live by the motto¬†“Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Plain and simply. I believe all people should live by this, but all¬†people don’t. 184 more words

The Last Laugh.

So Liam is STILL on Twitter. Glancing at the picture he used over two years ago, which I doubt was recent even then, I’m convinced he has no remorse for the damage he has done. 604 more words


SUPPLIES NEEDED: Small individual cans of Play-Doh!

Play-Doh is my favorite activity of all time! Children of all ages love to create things with Play-Doh. Give them a POWER WORD and let the creation begin. 41 more words

Teaching Thursday

And then they ask why I am defensive

I hate being played. I spend my life being played by other people even though they couldn’t get anywhere with me, I was a victim and bullying and such and that is totally crap. 181 more words

Character and Song #38: Iris

Ah, now here’s a character. Her story is rather tragic. She starts offin The Black Tree series as a seemingly oblivious young girl and is pursued by both… 164 more words


Gone Girl.

I walked in expecting,rather,assuming it was a Ben Affleck movie.I walked out of the theatre,knowing,without a shred of doubt,that it was a Rosamund Pike movie! 963 more words


Week 4: Compliant/Detached. Thursday

You will ask, why compliant? It’s something negative. Conformist. Weak.

It will make sense if I explain the opposites I am trying to walk away from: manipulative and willful. 141 more words

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