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Week 7: Calm. Tuesday

This one is my favourite: just to stay calm. Withhold reaction. Withhold breath sometimes.

I love it in its simplicity, concreteness.

And I love the million ways to fail it. 302 more words

Character Development

Using Manipulatives to Teach Math

If you walked into the classroom where I teach math skills to elementary students, you would notice a variety of manipulatives being used to teach math concepts. 356 more words


Epic Christmas Ads

It’s that time of year again where big chain stores like Sainsburys and John Lewis premier their festive adverts as though they were unveiling true love itself for all of Britain and the UK to see. 455 more words

Do unto others

I fully live by the motto¬†“Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Plain and simply. I believe all people should live by this, but all¬†people don’t. 184 more words

The Last Laugh.

So Liam is STILL on Twitter. Glancing at the picture he used over two years ago, which I doubt was recent even then, I’m convinced he has no remorse for the damage he has done. 604 more words


SUPPLIES NEEDED: Small individual cans of Play-Doh!

Play-Doh is my favorite activity of all time! Children of all ages love to create things with Play-Doh. Give them a POWER WORD and let the creation begin. 41 more words

Teaching Thursday