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Vile Edith Even Elicited her Son into Evil

Glasgow, Scotland, Cross Hill Suburb- 2004. Edith Mclinden lived in Cross Hill, a rough side of town riddled with unemployment, poverty, crime and alcohol abuse. 1,171 more words

Sales: The Way My Morals Can Bend

I’ve done a number of sales jobs now and they’re simply not right for me. I’m a good presenter and public speaker. I am able to present and demonstrate products very well. 740 more words

Pushing the Broken

“Cause I’m broken when I’m open.

And I don’t feel like I’m strong enough.”

Broken, Seether

Humanity is so broken. That is a truth that we speak, often flippantly, often judgmentally, failing to see the dents scrapes and tears in ourselves. 421 more words


The (un)gentleman in Bed 3

At work today, I got told by a patient’s husband that I was dumb. I had simply just asked him to repeat his last sentence as I didn’t catch what he meant, and then he said to me “how dumb are you?”. 466 more words


Meeting Him

I first heard about him through a family friend that knew him. She said there was this nice guy that I should meet.  I added him on a social networking site and started talking to him. 283 more words

Domestic Violence

My Classroom/Teacher Supplies I Stashed Away

I am a certified teacher and I started to stash away items when I started my teaching classes in college. I have a bunch of stuff from various workshops and buying things on clearance or sales. 339 more words

We're on an express elevator to hell; going down!

Hudson has a number of quotes which greatly emphasise the feeling of the increasing encroachment on net neutrality by large companies with ulterior motives (usually to squeeze every penny out of their customers, like a crack dealer knows, they’ll be back for more and they’ll keep paying). 448 more words