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Math and Manipulatives

Many math teachers use manipulatives to better teach students math concepts and lessons. But what are manipulatives, why should they be used, and what are some great manipulatives you might use in your classroom? 397 more words



Here, I say. I hand you a rope.
What’s this?
I wait. And, I watch.
You aren’t the kind of man that just smiles.
You stare. 30 more words


“Become an ambassador of peace in your own life.” ― Bryant McGill #noasshole

The diplomat. Conciliatory, gracious, polite, strategic, adept, artful, astute. Clever, conniving, contriving, crafty, sly, smooth, suave. Some of these words might seem more like criticisms than compliments; however, one thing is certain – the diplomat plays an important role in the workforce. 207 more words


Is it me?


As of right now I’m sitting at my boyfriends house, “homeless” and confused about what is happenening. I need advice, help and any kind of tips from anyone. 2,065 more words


"Little Red Wagon" (2012)

KaffyRaffy challenged Marzipan to watch “Little Red Wagon” (2012).

Marzipan’s Review: I only made it an hour into this movie. But it was so slow and boring, I couldn’t keep it up.  587 more words

100% Cheese


I have heard several saying revolving around “surround yourself with the kind of people you want to be”, and “surround yourself with good people”… and so on and so forth. 1,159 more words

Vile Edith Even Elicited her Son into Evil

Glasgow, Scotland, Cross Hill Suburb- 2004. Edith Mclinden lived in Cross Hill, a rough side of town riddled with unemployment, poverty, crime and alcohol abuse. 1,171 more words