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4. Friends.

WHO should be your friends?

Choose friends:–

— that you can relate to, that you have some common interest with.

—who will help you achieve your goals. 57 more words


Rehum, A Manipulative Governor

Bible References: Ezra chapter 4, Nehemiah chapter 1, Nehemiah chapter 2:1-10.

Heart of the Story: Governor Rehum didn’t want the Jews to have the security of a wall around Jerusalem. 932 more words

Little Known Bible Characters

Homemade Montessori Felt Stuffed Balls - Number Color Association

In preparation for the Homemade Montessori beads that I was about to roll out, I created these stuffed felt Montessori balls. They were fun and served their purpose. 87 more words


Spiral Bound Phonics, Beginning Blends and Word Families

Spiral Bound Phonics and Instructions Free Printable

Phonics Super Small Word Guide Add On

Again, another one of my pregnancy nesting creations.  While not in use yet, this phonics flip book is intended to teach beginning blends and word families. 53 more words


Relationship Myths

Scrolling through twitter tonight has prompted me to write this post because I soon felt angered by a couple different tweets I had read about relationships. 488 more words


Mini lesson Reflection

I spent a lot of time thinking about my mini lessons. There are several concepts in math I feel very anxious about teaching, due to the fact I am not sure how to explain them to another person. 460 more words