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Murli Deora was a bridge between the Congress and Mumbai's corporate world

Murli Deora, who died on Monday after a prolonged illness, was the perfect antithesis of the typical Congressman. Where they were almost always clad in white khadi, in keeping with the party’s ethos, he was invariably clad in sharp suits. 735 more words

Nostalgia and Song..

I wanted to write another post. I ended up feeling nostalgic.  So decided to honor my feelings and post one of my favorite songs of growing years. 540 more words

Worst Prime Ministers of India

Not Nehru
Nehru was a leader recognized in world politics which made him a choice for being PM. I have read about his affairs but that doesn’t challenge his leadership capabilities. 420 more words

What Narendra Modi can learn from Narsimha Rao

Vivek Kaul

Before PV Narsimha Rao took over as the prime minister of the country, the finances were in a bad shape. Under the previous regime, the foreign exchange reserves had fallen to a level which was enough to pay only for three weeks worth of essential imports. 1,055 more words


Manmohanomics to Modinomics: A mimic or a transistion?

My fellow friends and followers, today when we speak of economic pioneers of the New Era, there are two men that do come to our minds. 803 more words


Why India needs a bank that loans to beauty parlours and kitchens

In August, prime minister Narendra Modi launched the Jan Dhan Yojna (people’s wealth scheme), with an aim to ensure a bank account for every household in India—a landmark initiative in a country where millions of families have mobile phones, but no bank accounts. 762 more words

Japan gave Manmohan Singh the love he no longer gets at home

The Japanese do not forget old friends easily. Tokyo has honoured former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with its highest award at a time when he is all but forgotten in India. 732 more words