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From India Inc to UPA: Manmohan Singh is not the only one to be blamed for Coalgate

Vivek Kaul

In it’s judgement yesterday, the Supreme Court came down heavily on the central government on how it went about giving away “coal blocks” free to private and public sector companies between 1993 and 2011. 1,405 more words


Dr. Mam Mohan Singh : Credit due

Say to Friends that You never lie and they will say ” Aaya bda Harishchandra”

It is because of age old story that Raja Harishchandra never lied even in worst of times. 352 more words

Decision to appoint Manmohan Singh as FM in 1991 came 'out of the blue': Daman

(New Delhi, Aug 18, 2014) Woken up from his sleep to be informed of the “out of the blue” decision of his appointment as India’s Finance Minister in 1991, Manmohan Singh was jokingly told by Prime Minister Narasimha Rao that he would be sacked if “things didn’t work out well”. 398 more words


Emergency led to an atmosphere of fear: Manmohan

(New Delhi, Aug 18, 2014) The Emergency came as a surprise to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who saw an atmosphere of fear in the country during which there were many “arbitrary arrests and detentions”, says a new book on him by his daughter. 472 more words


Manmohan Singh joined pre-medical course, backed out: Daughter

(New Delhi, Aug 17, 2014) Manmohan Singh had joined a pre-medical course as his father wanted him to become a doctor but pulled out after a couple of months, losing interest in the subject, according to a book on the former prime minister by his daughter. 762 more words


Why NaMo shouldn't take media on foreign trips

As Indian journalists come to terms with a Narendra Modi dispensation that doesn’t want to court them or take them on foreign junkets, K.P. Nayar… 495 more words