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Sex and the City: The Lost Episodes, #471: Mannequin Your Way to My Heart

Samantha is left worrying about her attractiveness after she fails to seduce a sexy guy she sees at Macy’s. However, she later learns that he is actually just a mannequin, which leads her to spend the afternoon watching 80’s films. 25 more words

Carrie Sucks

I Went to a Ghost Town And This Is What I Found

Ghost towns are called Ghost towns for a reason. Air seems more chilled and the nature around it, still–eerily so. Apparently, some people find that environment appealing (there were people camping there when we visited), but I just don’t. 198 more words

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Window Display Refraction

This window display mannequin really needed those sunglasses to refract the extreme lighting.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction


JCPenny® Fill Your Tub With Towels

In my own field I sometimes find it useful to look for a solution 180º in the opposite direction of my initial instincts. So if you usually fill a bathtub with water, a 180º reversal of direction would be to fill it with warm fluffy, comfortable drying towels… 326 more words

Store Fixtures

Design Studio Personal Welcome

Contemporary Couch Design Studio offers a personal welcome from prioprieters Pia and Larry just inside their store entry. The Mannequin spokesmodel even looks a bit like Pia, Chief Designer. 407 more words

Label And Sign Holders

Denise L’Estrange-Corbet: “Clothes Look Better on Skinny Mannequins”

And someone from the fashion industry has done it again.

Denise L’Estrange-Corbet, co-founder and chief executive of WORLD, defended the use of skinny mannequins in Glassons stores. 222 more words


Lonely light upon the lovely lady of the yellow walls...

Walking in the street, thinking in things I’ve forgotten, suddenly I saw with a glimpse a feminine figure, so perfect and so delicate. In a fraction of second I though that those legs and that back certainly were among the most beautiful I had ever seen. 153 more words