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Mannerism an Introduction, Michelangelo.

My first constellation lecture was very informative and gave me a whole new insight to some art works that are well known and diverse meanings that the artist was trying to convey. 1,016 more words



This post is an answer to question posed in the previous blog post:

Q.  “Who are we?”

A.  We are grotesques, inlaid into the terra cotta floor of the Reading Room in the… 415 more words

Things I Like

Hiroshima Mon Amour

The film was made in 1959 and directed by Alain Resnais. The film tells a story of a French actor who is filming an anti-war film in Hiroshima and has an affair with a married Japanese architect. 139 more words


Mind your manners


*Currently listening to Rude sang by Magic* coincidentally.




3 things that important when you have a conversation, doesn’t matter it between your boss, between your colleagues, between your friends, between your clients and foremost between you and your families. 64 more words


Definition of my Reality

We got a task to work on a collaged piece depicting our reality. We were given complete freedom for our final outcome and we were advised to check what the Platonic solids were and how they were connected to Leonardo da Vinci. 220 more words



Mannerism is important. Good mannerism is partially a contributing factor to making a good and lasting first impression. As someone, who cares about how to behave and talk appropriately in public, I tend to be quite judgy when it comes to how strangers present themselves in a public setting. 138 more words


Introduction to Mannerism

Mannerism art movement began in 15c. The term developed from italian word Maniera or style in painting, sculpture as well as architecture. Artists are beginning to defy the guideline from the power that be (i.e religion/church).