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Quote of the Day

Life is hard; it’s harder if you’re stupid.

—John Wayne


That Snot Good Manners.

Nobody wants to hear you constantly sniffing and then fighting with the snot in the back of your throat.
That’s disgusting.

Leave the room, blow your nose in privacy, and be done with it.


Three That Make People Act Right (2014)

1. Conscience.
2. Manners.
3. Camera.
Decency to accrue-
When in full view.


an open letter to the general southerner

I saw this post on MillyMollyMandy (sorry for stealing your GIF!) and it really got me thinking. Manners. Manners are something that are so, so, important to me, but to others seem like the most unimportant thing in the world. 495 more words

Life's Thoughts & Ramblings

Mad about manners: who made this statement?

Charismatic and fun-loving, he’s loved the world over. Often the centre of attention, he knows how to work a crowd with entertainment, but knows how to focus when it’s time to do what he does best. 287 more words

The Fact of the Manner

Disclaimer: the following post may sound like venting, and it sort of is…

Being half the world away from America, naturally almost everything we encounter here, from cuisine to culture, is different from home. 839 more words

Throwback Thursday (#TBT)

(Toronto Daily Star, 1959)

Friends getting divorced? Send them a handwritten note!