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(07/30/2014) Divine Law Speaks of Spirit?

Today, more points are shared on idolatry, murder, human relationships, and the Ten Commandments.

THE BATTLE AXE:  Divine Law for Mankind? (07/29/2014)—(5.)  The widely held idea that the Ten Commandments and all divine law pertains only to attitudes, behavior and conduct derives from operations of the flesh (e.g., appetite, sensation, and emotional/mental functions).  1,334 more words


How to Get Laid Before the Main Course - A Gentleman's Approach for the Big Date by ViMal (Book Review)

Title – How to Get Laid Before the Main Course – A Gentleman’s Approach for the Big Date

Author – Vimal

Summary –

This is a How To Book and quite honestly women should be picking it up and gift wrapping it for the men in their lives. 463 more words

Book Reviews

Parents Children the unified bond!! Why is it so!!

Why is it so?

A child doesn’t understand parents and parents doesn’t understand their child? Although they care for each other right from the beginning when the child is born they try their best to provide all the things which they are capable of providing to their children but as time flies and the child grows up the parents become more and  more possesive towards their child it is not  because the parents doubt their child and thinks that their child will do something wrong but they are pretty much sure about the facts that the world outside home is not as good as their child think! 562 more words

Quote of the Day

In nullum avarus bonus est, in se pessimus. The covetous man is good to none and worst to himself.

—Latin Proverb


Hey! It's been a while, how have you been?

Well as the title suggests, this is my attempt at redemption from you, my beloved readers and followers (more emphasis on the latter) and today I would like to rant about something oh so familiar, the silent treatment. 252 more words


12 Simple Rules & Basic Manners to Teach your Child ......ideally before you send them to visit my house :o)

My son and daughter have lovely friends. I love having children here at my house. Now let me rephrase that – I love having well mannered children at my house. 442 more words


Karaoke Etiquette

Of my many hobbies and pastimes, my favorite has to be karaoke. I have always loved performing – I was even a theater major my first time in college – and karaoke is a social activity where it is easy to meet new people. 941 more words