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Random 411: An act of kindness

There I was, standing in a long line of people who were anxiously waiting to put in their order with the one barista behind the coffee shop counter. 451 more words

Random 411

10 things to NOT say to people suffering infertility

  1. ¬†“I know how you feel, it took us <insert number here> of months to conceive”
  2. “You just need to stop stressing out”
  3. “We were not even trying and we got pregnant”
  4. 74 more words

This Is Why I Came To Ukraine XII

After being spoiled by the Californian sun, I did not know how cloudy days could have such a strong effect on me. I stayed inside the house, pouting around because I had planned to bike to the nearby forest and pick mushrooms. 289 more words

Tablets As Cameras?

This is certainly not a new topic, but it still happens; someone blocks the view of whatever you may be trying to see with a huge tablet. 110 more words

Side Quests

Lowered Ears

Keep your voice down, don’t argue

- Barry, you may not agree

But the truth of the matter

Is the top of your head; quite hairy. 115 more words


Metro Etiquette - Annoying things people do underground

What are some annoying things that happen in your metro system?

Listen below and broadcast your own rants here: http://goo.gl/NcjisF


Assertive Versus Rude

When speaking with someone, where is the line drawn between being assertive and being rude? This is a question that I often face, as I like to be neither assertive or rude. 388 more words