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Me? A Prodigal Son

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a spiritual weekend, away from distractions. After coming home I was reflecting on the things learned and diacussed. As I meditated on God the Father, I was reminded of the parable of the prodigal son. 357 more words


The Subject Of Manners

Once upon a time, there lived a generation of people on this very land, who wanted to teach good manners to their young. Sometimes these people got it so right, that the young of the land developed into such well-mannered beings, noble, civilized, polite and affable. 452 more words


A class in sunglasses etiquette

Last week I served a serious-faced customer with dark sunglasses. To be honest, he looked very suspicious. The face that pops into my mind is Darth Vader.

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First Impression

"If in the end we end up together, it's beautiful." -Topanga Lawrence

I have to say (or type) what needs to be said.

I have seen many tweets and Facebook comments that haven’t been so good to Girl Meets World. 618 more words


Does it pay to be nice?

This evening I went to the wine store. On my way there I could hear a man a few metres behind screaming and yelling. I turned around to see who he was and noticed immediately that he was probably homeless and perhaps, mentally ill. 224 more words


Think maybe I need to be a bigger dick!

So, I think I need to be a bigger dick. By dick, I mean jerk, asshole, bully, aggressive person, bitchy or werehole (werewolf and asshole put together). 493 more words

Remember your Please and Thank You's.

From the earliest age we teach our children to say ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’. It’s perhaps the first routine we teach our kids. It’s the first set of manners we teach and use to prove that our kids are well behaved. 931 more words