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Men Are So Damned Oppressed

I found one of the best comments on A Voice for Men that explains how tough men have it.

‘I’ve been around in the movement a long long time.

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The First Manosphere Defence?

No doubt you’ve heard of Neil Lyndon’s “Badmouthing”, a 5,000 word critique of feminism and its efforts to destroy masculinity.

He wrote a follow-up piece about the aftermath. 46 more words


I’m currently writing a 12ish page paper on the Peace of God. I’ll post it eventually, but until then, enjoy Thug Notes. The analysis at the other half of the vid is particularly interesting for the New Barbarians. 52 more words


8 Lessons #Selfie Teaches Us About Modern Women

One of the key tenants of postmodernism is  that no distinction should be made between so-called high and low culture. #Selfie by The Chainsmokers, which has so far received over 74 million views on YouTube and is now creeping up the UK Top 40 without even an official release here yet can therefore be legitimately viewed as art. 1,399 more words


John Hambling's Penis Gets Sexually Abused by Consent

Here’s another one of those AVFM pieces that is mindboggling in its stupidity. I’ll take the reader through this step by step. John Hambling wants to talk about his penis. 1,852 more words


The Alpha Playboy Part II by Christian McQueen

Over the past year or so, Los Angeles writer, former club-owner and VIP host Christian McQueen has graduated from being a prolific commentator on the… 961 more words


Male Suicide: What A Voice for Men is Doing About It

If you were an activist organization deeply concerned with the issue of male suicide what would you do? In this post we’ll be dealing with what A Voice for Men does to bring critical attention to male suicide. 296 more words