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Laurie Penny: In defence of white knights

She’s started using our terms. Heehee.

Trigger warning: Laurie Penny picture, ‘writing’
from http://www.newstatesman.com/laurie-penny/2014/08/laurie-penny-defence-white-knights

Back in the real world, something fascinating is happening. As men and boys everywhere begin to realise that a society less riddled with rape, sexual violence and lazy gender stereotypes might be better for everyone, less evolved men and boys have started to round on them as traitors.

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Signal Boost, Video: Why are people calling Zoe Quinn a whore?

Hopefully this video answers some questions going around, because for some reason she’s gone silent.
She cheated – for her career, repeatedly, and at present she’s trying to silence the entire internet about it. 55 more words

The backlash against feminists continues with temp tattoos


< insert jokes about trash here >

You see, feminists have had an unusual cache with fashion where it follows them, since Chanel. The tide is turning inch by inch, women are growing their hair out and now, we have an alternative to grotesque tattoos which is celebrated for adults. 40 more words

Required Reading Units 3.3-4.2: The Return of Kings Series

About Return of Kings

“Return Of Kings is a blog for heterosexual, masculine men. It’s meant for a small but vocal collection of men in America today who believe men should be masculine and women should be feminine. 1,147 more words


DCLLive On Nutrition: Healthy Habits

I have been seeing a nutritionist for just over a month now. I am trying to implement healthy eating habits and meal plans into my mobile lifestyle. 1,719 more words


Game Essentials Units 3.8-4.9: Strength By Sonny Series

 About Strength By Sonny

Welcome to Strength By Sonny

“Playing the Game of Life with the Odds in YOUR FAVOR”

Strength By Sonny is the leading authority on the competitive spirit. 2,305 more words


DCLLive Mailbag: Build It and They Will Come

In this post I wanted to share with you an email exchange between a Respite Coordinator and myself.

July 31st was the last day of my eight year post at a  489 more words