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Spreadsheet Sex

A darkly humorous story went mildly viral a couple weeks ago, about a reddit user who posted an excel file her husband created detailing the number of times he had requested sex over seven weeks (27) and how many times she refused (24). 831 more words

Social Observations

Creative energy (libido) is a precious resource


It is common understanding that over-indulgence in drink and drugs lead to ruin but it is uncommon for people to understand that over-indulgence in sex can lead to the same thing.

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The Decline and Reaching Your Potential


This guy writes from the heart, it’s touching.

It is here we may have some disagreement. whereas I personally think all is lost and that we should “

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What your workout says about your social class


I think a mixed approach is best, tailored to your build. Position of bellybutton, length of limb, flexibility etc.

It’s true the betas (attempting to be your “betters”) try to look down on weightlifters, citing common myths e.g. 93 more words

Posh brat demands strangers crowdfund her postgrad


Here she is defending her actions. #enjoythedecline peeps

She looks similar to me, and I can tell you, that fringe is not a friend to our face shape, makes the nose look bigger than it is. 34 more words

Article: Women Against Feminism



“I don’t need feminism because…I’m tired to be, as a woman, represented by some hysterical hipster whores.”

“It is no coincidence that modern feminists embody all of the character traits that cause “misogyny” in the first place.”

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Using Women Against Women to Build Attraction

I learned something this past weekend that I intend to do again and figured it may be worth writing down.

A close friend celebrated his birthday on Saturday with a backyard keg party. 399 more words