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I Got Mail Part Two: You're Welcome Adele

I was pleasantly surprised and happy that I got a thank you email from Philosophy Professor Adele Mercier for speaking up on her behalf and allowing others to do the same by writing Queen’s University. 451 more words


You may mock a Christian’s belief in Heaven but they aren’t fool enough to think they could create it on Earth.

Dark Enlightenment

I'M BACK- With old excuses and new ideas

I really don’t have any good excuses as to why I haven’t posted ALL YEAR. With the busyness of a job plus being half-arsed farmer, time just flies. 836 more words

Grinding Away

Marie Antoinette wanted to help the poor and look what happened to her.

Dark Enlightenment

I Got Mail Part One

With all the hubbub going on with the recent attack on a female student at Queen’s I’m very busy. I got an email from a Queen’s student who claimed to be one of the main spokesmen against MIAS (Men’s Issues Awareness Society). 392 more words


Conspiracy Theories Are Wrecking the Manosphere

Earlier, I spent an hour or so in the sunshine watching the London marathon. The route goes down my local high street. Seeing runners of all colours and nationalities (including elite British athlete Mo Farrah) go past, and the crowds of people  there to cheer them on, including a young black child on his father’s shoulders, his hand outstretched to high-five the passing competitors, was an oddly moving experience. 670 more words


Does misogyny cause reading problems?

I’ve been so busy lately I’ve mostly stopped reading Manosphere websites, much to the relief of Mr BC. But this morning I received an email about an article, so I went and took a look. 831 more words