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Warriors of the world

I really wanted to share this video because it’s so well done that it deserves sharing. Thank you, hubby for this masterpiece.

Manowar: The Undisputed Kings of Comedy

In The Hallowed Halls of True Satire, no comic acts have attained the lofty heights that Manowar has reached by accident. Charlie Chaplin, Abbott and Costello, The Three Stooges, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, George W. 851 more words

Excessive Cruelty Towards Strangers

Subgenre of the Week: Power Metal

It’s Tuesday, which you’d think makes it time for a Just the Tip post. And guess what? You’d be thinking correctly! But it’s also time for a new Subgenre of the Week, due to some unforeseen complications that arose during its normal slot yesterday. 480 more words