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To my ND friends. One day your kingdom will come.

Im really into metal, all kinds of metal, but especially really silly, gritty, power metally kind of metal and I just wanted to share this frankly horrible song with all of my neurodivergent friends, but especially my autie brothers, friends and sisters because it so reminds me of us. 165 more words


I once tried to get religious – this is what happened

With religion in the news (just for a change) I thought it’d be an opportune time to do something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, and that is to turn an exchange of emails I had with the UK’s Office Of National Statistics, regarding the classification of religions (or not) in the national census results, into a blog. 1,776 more words


Happy Birthday to Ross The Boss

Loved for his guitar work with The Dictators, Shakin Street and Manowar, today seems like the perfect time to celebrate The Boss’ birthday with a complete and rocking Dictators gig with pro sound and video from 1977

and a little Shakin’ Street



Οι Manowar έχουν διασκευάσει το χριστουγεννιάτικο τραγούδι Silent Night του αυστριακού Franz Xaver Gruber.

Ένα τραγούδι σε στίχους του ιερέα Joseph Mohr το οποίο ο Gruber συνέθεσε το 1818.


I'm so sorry

okay I’ve had it; I can’t do a ManOWar image—This band’s mascot is an overly muscled faceless warrior the likes of which nothing less than a canvas, and Frank Frezetta-esk mastery could muster… 72 more words