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Albums of April: Part, um, who knows?

My willpower and ability to continually blog on all I’ve listened to each day in April came to a miserable, grinding halt once the Easter Holidays kicked in at our pub. 233 more words


When Heavy Metal ruled the world (or at least my corner of it)

Attics are strange places, chambers set apart for the safekeeping of precious objects and useless heirlooms, where entire realms of time and memory can be hoarded and sealed off from extinction. 1,097 more words

Bent Notes Column

Metal Journey

Today I listened to a lot of metal. It’s one of the best kinds of music to study to in my opinion, mostly because it captures the essence of my feelings towards obligations. 418 more words


3 апреля в истории рока: День Рождение Себастьяна Баха и Марко Биацци

Весна шагает по планете. На календаре 3 апреля и вот вам очередная подборка мало кому известных рок и метал именинников.

Этот день в истории метала

A Battle Hymn For The Dark Avenger

I have heard the power of MANOWAR.

let thy valkyries fly

We are gods immortal.

However, some people like soap opera, and thats good too. 347 more words


A modest proposal for the Formula 1 noise problem

This year there has been two hot topics Formula 1. The noses and the noises. The nose-topic has of course been about the ugly noses. And it does not mean that… 288 more words

Motor Racing