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Mammal’s 21-Year Hit Parade: 2002 / #15 – #13

Another week, another metal year. This time machine is fun. I’ll have to buy one. At the end of my year-by-year hit parades I have to give this one back to Hertz Era Hire. 60 more words

Heavy Metal

M92: Strange Metals

In 1992 among other great records there were three quite famous and well established bands that released their albums that were quite strange. They were quite different, in one way or another, from what these bands did before. 1,785 more words

Flashback Friday: Manowar - "The Gods Made Heavy Metal"

By 1996, the world had long since sounded heavy metal’s death knell on the heels of the Nirvana-led grunge revolution.  Larger-than-life metal gods clad in leather pants and spikes had given way flannel-wearing introverts who spent more time looking at their own feet than the fans in the audience.  347 more words


A brief interlude.

I’ve not disappeared again, just having a very busy week! I’ve not had anytime for hobby activities, due to having a go at house renovations! I’ve been sanding floors, helping painting walls (I can’t really claim to have painted one whole wall myself here!) fitting new light fittings and juggling radiators (not literally – that would be painful). 97 more words

The bargain that sank my lead tally for the year.......

In the process of looking for stuff for our new house my wife came across a gumtree ad titled ‘warhammer’, now over the years we’ve accumulated a lot of second hand warhammer stuff as I find rebuilding or converting a kit that someone has trashed or abandoned gives me a bit extra satisfaction when I complete it knowing that it’s not gone in the bin as so many kits do. 297 more words