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I'm so sorry

okay I’ve had it; I can’t do a ManOWar image—This band’s mascot is an overly muscled faceless warrior the likes of which nothing less than a canvas, and Frank Frezetta-esk mastery could muster… 72 more words

Album Review: Sabaton-Heroes

Sabaton‘s newest album, heroes, is perhaps their best yet. Released on May 16, 2014, included the following new songs; Night Witches, No Bullets Fly… 1,836 more words

A wiedzieliście, Dobrzy Ludzie...

…że Rammstein jest już na Spoti? :D

I od razu ciekawostka. Related artists: Manowar.
No w sumie…
Wystarczy posłuchać takiego szlagieru. Myślę, że dość dobrze uwydatnia zbieżność obu kapel.

Cobertura Minuto HM - Metal All Stars em SP - parte 1: quando aprenderemos?

Evento comprado desde 11/ago/2014, o Brasil finalmente está prestes (espero eu) a receber uma edição do que mundialmente é conhecido como Metal All Stars. 1,062 more words


AMV Roundup! Dragon Age- Warriors of the World

Inquisition is OUT, bitches! In honor of the release, I’m putting up this Origins centric vid that uses the Manowar song Warriors of the World. DA:O is a great choice for this song, since the entire purpose of the game was to rally an army, all across Ferelden to fight the Blight. 109 more words


Heroes of Vallentor - The Warriors Path Part I (Review)

This is the début of Heroes of Vallentor. They’re from Sweden and play epic, heroic Heavy Metal.

It’s starts with an intro to end all intros, one that’s so full of heroic themes and fantasy imagery that it’s quite staggering. 300 more words