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Public Announcement!

Hi guys, I wanted to talk  to you today about this growing epidemic that is happening all over the world, manscaping.

Please…for the love of everything holy on this sweet, sweet earth.   241 more words


September 1, 2014: An average girl's thoughts on porn and general sex tips

This morning I was grumpy as fuck. I don’t know why, i just was. Apparently I thought watching porn in the morning would be a good way to pick up my mood.   597 more words

The Real Nepali Mustache

There are few choices in personal grooming that evoke as much emotion as a mustache. It brings to mind such noble professions such as, high ranking military officer, fire fighter, police officer and car mechanic. 771 more words



Now, I’ve been with trimmed men, and I’ve been with untrimmed men so I feel uniquely qualified to render a verdict in the manscaping debate. 310 more words


Melbourne's Fascination with Facial Hair

Caught out again. This poor student, innocently studying away has to awkwardly ignore my unpreventable gaze. He can’t be surprised though, surely? He must anticipate this reaction after months of tireless work, constant conditioning as well as devoting generous time. 705 more words

Hyde Magazine

Monkey Time

Thankfully, manscaping has come a long way since 1938… 9 more words

How Close To The Hairline Are You Prepared To Go?

With so many ways to remove hair, there is an increasing urge to turn your body into a streamlined, hairless wonder. The pressure is not just on for girls, but increasing numbers of men are removing their body hair too, in an effort to achieve the perfect look. 554 more words

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