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Reason #40

I hope you don’t like PJs … I don’t, and prefer my man au natural. Now au natural doesn’t mean that you can get away without grooming, heaven forbid you’ve got a little redwood forest action going on down there … if I can’t be lazy you better believe neither can you. 8 more words


The Hipster Flower Beard Trend

2013 was the year of the Hipster Beard—the full-on grisly growth that was prominently displayed on men wherever free-trade coffee + muesli vegan/gluten-free energy bars were sold.  155 more words

Pop Culture

Taste Coach: Chris McKinley

You can run off fat but now matter how ostentatious or expensive your wardrobe may be, you can’t dress up ugly. To those who think so, next time notice how people compliment your clothing not you. 1,235 more words


Grooming & Manscaping

Grooming is what sets modern civilized man apart from his distant primitive ancestors. Although some men and women prefer a “rugged” look, it seems society agrees for the most part: beards look dirty and unkempt unless kept short and trimmed. 117 more words


In Vermont, "Hair" is not just a musical

Last month I had to endure a lot of manscaping jokes. Friends of mine who are not lucky enough to live here in the 802 — Vermont — kept bringing up the American Time Use Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 666 more words