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Men Are More Obsessed Than Women With How They Look And Here's Proof

Imagine the look your great grandfather would give you if you told him you shaved off your chest hair and you’re skipping your baseball game to go tanning. 307 more words


Penis Envy - Growers vs. Showers

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Penis Envy (taken from Wikipedia):

Penis envy is a stage theorized by Sigmund Freud regarding female psychosexual development, in which female adolescents experience anxiety upon realization that they do not have a penis.

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A boy or man comes to a point in his life when he looks down at his neither region and thinks ‘jeez that’s a bit hairy!’ Manscaping is what it’s generally referred to and if you are in your late teens or twenties, surely you have manscaped. 262 more words

Taboo Topics: Pubic Hair

To shave, or not to shave….that is the question.

I haven’t done a taboo topic in a long time, mostly because I think I covered them all. 270 more words


Manscaping or don't go using a cut throat for a brozillian

I was just having a shave, head, face belly and balls, when I got to thinking about all those ER visits for genital injuries. 239 more words

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Manscaping: Some Guys Do It - I Fucking Don't

I once had a girlfriend say to me, “You know, you really should trim your bush.” I looked her dead in her eyes and laughed. Then I saw that her face meant that she was serious and not amused by my merry response. 1,443 more words

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