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Who holds back the electric car? White Ribbon does.

It was 7am in Wisconsin when I spotted it. Andrew O’Keefe, Australian comedic talent and All Round Good Guy, had written a piece about what questions men need to ask themselves… 435 more words

Why Women Superheroes Kick Ass

There’s been quite a dust up over the inter webs this past week in the wake of Marvel Comics announcing that Thor is about to become a woman. 1,298 more words

Birds Of Prey

3 articles that set feminism back ages

While it’s hardly going to make me any feminist friends, allow me to preface this article by saying that I am strongly in favour of much of what the women’s liberation movements are trying to achieve. 1,881 more words


"Don't worry, you're a girl."

I had my feminist awakening pretty late in life. I was too young and ignorant to understand what it fully meant at eighteen. I couldn’t appreciate the richness of it. 763 more words


my EdD module

It happens to all of us: emotional engagement with an academic text. A moment while reading when you experience, when I experience the ‘shock of recognition’. 472 more words


MRA "philosopher" Stefan Molyneux: "If you don't have a husband ... to keep the child is abusive."

Misogyny Theater takes another look at the charming philosopher-king-asshole Stefan Molyneux, who seems to be carving out quite a spot for himself in the world of the lady-haters. 172 more words



At a party the other night, I was chatting with another medievalist, on her way–among other places–to Yorkshire for a walking tour. I highly recommended the misericordia at Beverley Cathedral. 210 more words