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STFU: Richard Dawkins And The Arrogance Of Rape-splaining

TW: Rape, date rape

Boy oh boy. We’ve got an early dose of rape-plaining* today!

Richard Dawkins, a 73-year-old dude and evolutionary biologist, decided to voice his opinions on rape this morning. 418 more words


Regular Posts Coming Soon

Yes, I’ve been busy studying for a rather important exam the past two months lately, but in a few short days I’ll be done and back to a regular posting schedule once more. 9 more words

Men's Rights Activists

Extraordinarily Sexist Putrid Neanderthals

I’ve never been a Steven A Smith fan. He talks too much and says nothing in the process. I usually tune out or turn off his idiotic rambling, but yesterday I was outraged when he mansplained Ray Rice’s behavior noting that women who don’t want to be beaten by men need to be sure not to provoke them. 296 more words


Who holds back the electric car? White Ribbon does.

It was 7am in Wisconsin when I spotted it. Andrew O’Keefe, Australian comedic talent and All Round Good Guy, had written a piece about what questions men need to ask themselves… 435 more words

Why Women Superheroes Kick Ass

There’s been quite a dust up over the inter webs this past week in the wake of Marvel Comics announcing that Thor is about to become a woman. 1,298 more words

Birds Of Prey

3 articles that set feminism back ages

While it’s hardly going to make me any feminist friends, allow me to preface this article by saying that I am strongly in favour of much of what the women’s liberation movements are trying to achieve. 1,880 more words