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Deadzone Terrain

I was planning on just buying a gaming mat and some Deadzone terrain recently. After adding it up, I decided I may as well just buy the starter box and get more models/rule book/etc. 477 more words

Where do zombies come from?

Well according to Mantic zombies, or thier official designation Stage 3Z plague. These poor souls whose bodies didn’t when infected become Plague stage 3, the infection runs rampant and what’s left is little more than useless and will attack anything to try and eat it. 169 more words

Games News

Challenge 2014: Deadzone Asterians (second batch)

The Overseer

Special Weapons


… other stuff?

Not much to comment on here. Same broad scheme as the last entry – AP Chaotic Red, lots of Dark Tone, etc. 18 more words


It is finished!

I’m pleased, excited, and relieved to tell you that my new mystery novel, “Mantic”, is finished!

I put a lot of work into this book over the last few years, and I think it is much better than my last one. 93 more words

Ben Grieger

Tutorial: Mould line removal from Mantic's PVC (restic) miniatures.

Mantic’s PVC miniatures (called restic, premium plastic or sprueless plastic by mantic) has gotten a reputation for being hard to work with. I feel that this is not entirely fair and might have something to do with the material being relatively new compared with metal and injection plastic. 394 more words


Saving The Panther Lancers Part 2: First attempt!

This is the first result of my Panther Lancer rescue attempt.

I am pretty happy with the result, but I will try to make the arms better proportioned in the next one. 44 more words


Knights of the Lost Crusade

Lots of prep the last few weeks, as the second wave of Deadzone arrived.

So I have painted 10 more skeletal footknights of the Lost Crusade, bringing the total up to a massive 15 models including the test subjects I did some time back! 79 more words