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...and some Engineering tips for Deadzoners.

I said I wouldn’t do a review of the Deadzone terrain, and I stand by that, but having spent a fair bit of time with it, there are some tips I want to pass on to any one who wants to get into using it, or has some scenery packs in front of them and is a bit overwhelmed. 819 more words

Tips & Tactics

Dreadball Paint Update

All pretty much ready to play ball!

Rules-wise I have yet to see any form of quick reference sheet, which could be incredibly useful. Let me know if you’ve seen one.


Actually getting something done at last, part 2: Mantic (and Reaper) Zombies and Ghouls

Zombies are fun! Also easy peasy to paint.

Scruffy, ragged, dirty, blemished and full of gore and unmentionable stains.

It helps that the Mantic Zombies are really, really good minis that are full of character! 263 more words


Salute 2014 - Dreadball

The Floating Citadel denizens made their annual pilgrimage to Salute – more on that in another post; to cut a long story short I am now a proud owner of Dreadball – a game I have been meaning to get my hands on for over a year. 129 more words


Actually getting something done at last, part 1: Deadzone Plague

I have become such a dull boy with all work and almost no play these last weeks.

But I have gotten round to making some time for painting at last, and am working on the plague for Deadzone, playing around with skintones. 143 more words

Mantic Games

Deadzone Terrain

I’ve been sticking with the terrain theme this week and rocking out with Mantic’s Deadzone plastic building kits. The inspiration for the palette is entirely down to Respawn’s… 1,247 more words