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Tues 25th Nov '14

Busted out the spray cans today and undercoated a small selection of my Haqqislam faction for Infinity and some terrain for my eventual battle board.  I used Halfords white and grey primers on the minis.   240 more words


Kings of War update

I thought I would share this product update with you. Literally straight from my email.

Project Update #15: Kings of War Fantasy Battle Game – 2nd Edition by Mantic Games… 557 more words

Mantic Games

Deadzone - Plague Support

I’ve been slowly adding to my Deadzone set and these Plague support models were next up on my list. I am not a big fan of Mantic’s Restic (resin/plastic) material but it gets the job done. 157 more words

Blaine is back

Blaine has become Mantic’s quintessential Kickstarter mascot – an inter-dimensional traveller that crops up everywhere. At first, he was a total badass. Now he’s a total badass on a freakin’ dinosaur! 106 more words

Mantic Games

Deadzone at W+M - Battle Report

It’s taken a while, but the Wargames + Miniatures Game Store has hosted its first Deadzone match.  This saw the Rebels face the Plague in a standard 70pt Strike team match.  2,724 more words

Mantic Ghouls

These guys from Mantic perfectly match my image of ghouls – balding, fanged consumers of corpses dressed in rags; shrieking, meeping and clawing their way through the battlefields, graveyards and mausoleums of fantasy games everywhere – especially my RPG city game where they dwell underground and unnoticed by the rest of society in the city’s burial grounds, competing with a tribe of feral cannibalistic children for human corpses. 247 more words