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Kings of War update

I thought I would share this product update with you. Literally straight from my email.

Project Update #15: Kings of War Fantasy Battle Game – 2nd Edition by Mantic Games… 557 more words

Mantic Games

Deadzone - Plague Support

I’ve been slowly adding to my Deadzone set and these Plague support models were next up on my list. I am not a big fan of Mantic’s Restic (resin/plastic) material but it gets the job done. 157 more words

Blaine is back

Blaine has become Mantic’s quintessential Kickstarter mascot – an inter-dimensional traveller that crops up everywhere. At first, he was a total badass. Now he’s a total badass on a freakin’ dinosaur! 106 more words

Mantic Games

Deadzone at W+M - Battle Report

It’s taken a while, but the Wargames + Miniatures Game Store has hosted its first Deadzone match.  This saw the Rebels face the Plague in a standard 70pt Strike team match.  2,724 more words

Mantic Ghouls

These guys from Mantic perfectly match my image of ghouls – balding, fanged consumers of corpses dressed in rags; shrieking, meeping and clawing their way through the battlefields, graveyards and mausoleums of fantasy games everywhere – especially my RPG city game where they dwell underground and unnoticed by the rest of society in the city’s burial grounds, competing with a tribe of feral cannibalistic children for human corpses. 247 more words


The Martians are coming...... Well more off them!

The first wave of the invasion is over, and General Tor is determined to wipe all resistance from the streets of Greenville to make an example for the rest of humanity to see! 450 more words

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