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Off the shelf again

So I play too much Payday 2, and do not get much painting done these days.

I am working on the Zee team for Dreadball, and may I present to you, His Royal Highness… 55 more words

Mantic Games

Dreadball - Meet the Z'zorlanders

Having been in a half completed state for the best part of 6 months, I finally pulled my finger out and got to finishing these. The main reason as I want to play these at the upcoming… 137 more words


Mars Attacks - Sneak Peak

Yesterday I took the 500 mile round trip to Doncaster for Mantic’s pathfinder day. We got to hand out talk about upcoming releases and also see some cool bits and pieces. 39 more words


Marauder Ripper Suit

As you can probably tell from the last few posts, Mantic’s Deadzone is getting lots of time on my workbench currently and the Marauder Faction in particular is in the firing line. 755 more words

Work In Progress

In defence of 'restic'

A short post today as I just finished the first four of Mantic’s orx for my Deadzone Marauder faction. Whilst painting them it occurred to me what a bad rep resin-plastic seems to get, quite a bit of it unfairly in my opinion. 211 more words


Deadzone Marauders

Orx have been on my mind over the weekend. Not Orks, or Orcs, but Orx, or ‘Marauders’ as Mantic calls them in their Warpath universe. I’ve never been a fan of the GW style of Orks as a painter, it’s not that I don’t like them, just something about painting all that green that has always deterred me. 500 more words

Work In Progress