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And thems' Good Drybrushin'!

Time for a couple of quickly drybrushed big’uns! These are great for easy drybrushing! Excellent detail and sculpting.

Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Lesser Obsidian Golem #1 of 3. 65 more words


Deadzone Strider: Robot-Jox Reinforcements


Mantic recently shipped Deadzone Wave 2 reinforcements to Kickstater backers. The Strider mecha was included, and it was well worth the wait.

‘Strider’ is actually a generalised term for any…

440 more words

More Rebs

Another group of Rebs has been wrapped up this week; they are motoring along quite nicely now leaving me with a more than playable strike force.   486 more words

Finished Work

Deadzone Rebels and more

If you follow my Twitter feed, it will come as no surprise that the Rebel faction for Deadzone has finally found its way onto my workbench this week. 851 more words

Finished Work

60 Hours but no Sutherland

Over the past few weeks you make have noticed here and on Facebook that myself and a few other people have been talking about a minor release next year, well when I say minor it is probably one of the biggest steals I have seen either in the hobby or out of the hobby. 252 more words

Coming Soon

Dungeon Saga: crowdfunding and conversation

Dungeon Saga is a project on Kickstarter right now, creating a new dungoneering board game. A group of heroes enter the dungeon to battle against the evil hordes of whatever is standing between them and their treasure. 160 more words


Dungeon Saga Update, and Some Chances to Win!

Time for a catchup with the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter!

Since launching 2 weeks ago, the Dungeon Saga Kickstarter has gone from strength to strength. At the time of writing it’s up over $416,000, and a LOT of additional stuff has been unlocked. 204 more words