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Livin' on the edge

So many events coming to a close….so much fabulousness to wave goodbye too….lets see…..

1st…the new.  Sway’s has just come out with the bed we all know we really have.  459 more words

The true story behind Frozen

Sooo…I’m thinking about suing Disney cause I think they stole the storyline of Frozen from my Second Life.  Way too many similarities to just be a coincidence.  338 more words

Midnight stroll

The Secret Affair is coming to a close….sigh….tomorrow night actually.  It’s been so lovely…weird to say that about a melancholy theme…but its true.  The setting is so dark and dreary and fantastically moody….and the goodies to be found there are even better. 187 more words

the steamfae

Amazing…but there is a huge countdown going on right now for so many events opening tomorrow…I don’t know where to start.

The Secret Affair will open to a crowd of eager shoppers….my Nevermore hair is going to be a popular item :).    167 more words

Ive been looking for you....


HAIR: *Soonsiki! Quest (from We Love ROleplay September)
FACE TATTOO:- .HoD. – Ri Fhaolchu MESH Facial Piercing & Paint (from We Love ROleplay September) 40 more words

Hikaru Enimo

Annabelle the Unicorn mousie

Once upon a time there was a mouse named Annabelle who wanted to be a unicorn.  (Next thing ya know she’s gonna want wings) I know right!  217 more words