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There was a mention of gas light a month or so ago in this blog. It was quite deliberate. There is something very special about gas light via incandescent mantles. 307 more words


A Look At Sonship From Elijah & Elisha

Being a Prophet I have a desire to study and learn from the life example of Prophets in the Scriptures. At the same time there is a tremendous amount of revelation being released in this hour regarding the truth and importance of “Sonship”. 1,772 more words

Apostolic & Prophetic

Decorating your Mantle

Almost every home today includes a beautiful wood-burning or gas fireplace. It is considered an integral part of decor that creates a warming atmosphere. Whether in a bedroom, living room, or even a combined two-sided glass fireplace (the newest fad in fireplace styles), every fireplace has one thing in common: a mantle.  210 more words

Bernadette Schaeffler Collection

Looking up to find what’s beneath our feet

By Eleanor

Everyone loves a good asteroid impact… although preferably not on the Earth today anywhere near human civilisation. You’ve heard it all before – big explosion (Figure 1), shock waves, nuclear winter, mass extinctions, dying dinosaurs. 1,018 more words

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Mantle Makeover: How To Give Your Hearth A New Appear by Beauty and Hairstyle

So, you just moved into a new spot and the reigning greatest feature is the fireplace. And despite the fact that you love it (and perhaps even signed a lease because of it), it is not very the fireplace of your dreams. 27 more words

Nest Update 7-1-14 - Of Branches, Clouds And High Perches

Good Evening, Fellow PerchSeekers!!

Where does the time go? It’s late so this one will be short and sweet.

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday with the teens spending copious amounts of time up high on perches out of sight of the cam and only coming down to eat and rest lying down in the nest. 477 more words

Eagles Nest


Silent it is.
Ruptures still on crust,
If only enduring.
Revolves and rises,
Lava erupts.
Silence fall.