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In penance for all of my sins

Today, we are on the cusp of the Easter Triduum.  Tonight, we’ll be specifically remembering the Last Supper, which flows into the Garden of Gethsemane.  Tomorrow, we will continue our meditation through the rest of the Passion of our Lord.   79 more words

Bitter Truth with Blessed Effects



I remember an occasion when I was traveling with my master. The station master in a town we were passing through came to me and said, “Sir, give me something to practice, and I promise I will follow it faithfully.”  My master said to me, “Give him something definite to practice.”  I said, “Why sh…
Divine Aim

My mantra as the mania threatened to take tonight...

At one point I had so many tabs open that I couldn’t see straight, I was knee-deep in a project that I had never considered before and had many more ideas on the horizon. 30 more words


How To Write Chintamani Bheeja Yantra on The Tongue

Devi Kali is said to have written this Yantra on the tongue of Kalidasa.

He immediately started the Shymala Dandakam,

Manikyaveenam upalaalayantheem,Mthalasaam Majula Vaakvilaasaam’ 105 more words


Relax and Let Go!

Many of you are feeling quite fatigued as the Earth energies are raising in vibration. Take some time to let go and allow yourself to effortlessly relax while you soak up the high vibrational Sanskrit healing mantra of Devotion, and pay a virtual visit to the Angelic Realms. 140 more words

Angel Paintings

Something new

Ok, I’m Poppy and I am trying something new.

This blog will be about my general thoughts, which are usually completely and utterly irrelevant to my actual life, places I’ve been, people I’ve seen and overall all the interesting and curious parts to my hopefully exciting life which you will now be the audience of. 391 more words


Ancient Mantra

I had plans to go out last night and be with friends that live almost an hour away.  But instead, I had to file my taxes before midnight.  171 more words