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So one of my mantras lately–yes, I have mantras, deal with THAT–is “stop thinking fourth-dimensionally.”

Sound familiar? Yes, it is a bastardization of a quotation from that known philosopher, Dr. 274 more words

Durga Mantra

Mantra: Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

Meaning: Om and salutations to the bestower of compassion, fearlessness and patience.  May you bless me with your protection and love.



Yesterday was a day of healing for me. I started by using my pendulum to double check my intuition that said that more than just the second chakra was blocked. 1,364 more words


Verse from the Veda About the Twofold Force of God

The wind leading home is twofold and likes to help when the darkness of imperfect thoughts obstructs by transforming into light.

When a person knowingly praises in the world of mortals and another purposely harms, the twofold force of God cares for the worshipper and reminds the other of suffering. 6 more words


Ganden Ngam Choe - Lama Je Tsongkhapa Day 12/16/14


༈ དམིགས་མེད་བརྩེ་བའི་གཏེར་ཆེན་སྤྱན་རས་གཟིགས། །
དྲི་མེད་མཁྱེན་པའི་དབང་པོ་འཇམ་དཔལ་དབྱངས། །
བདུད་དཔུང་མ་ལུས་འཇོམས་མཛད་གསང་བའི་བདག །
གངས་ཅན་མཁས་པའི་གཙུག་རྒྱན་ཙོང་ཁ་པ། །
བློ་བཟང་གྲགས་པའི་ཞབས་ལ་གསོལ་བ་འདེབས། །

mikmé tsewé terchen chenrézik
drimé khyenpé wangpo jampal yang
düpung malü jomdzé sangwé dak… 57 more words


Emotional Progress

              For me, very much of yesterday was challenging.  I had a tough time hanging on to my serenity.  (Which is vastly similar to maintaining sobriety.) 262 more words