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Narayani and Matt - Special Kirtan Event

Narayani and Matt have set a date for the Centennial celebrations which is 20th-21st September. Saturday 20th in Gibraltar and Sunday 21st in Spain. Also they will have a new CD out in June…More news to follow… 12 more words


Fitness: Beyond Your Gym Attendance

Have you heard that saying, “you can stand in the garage, but that doesn’t make you a car? Well the same applies to fitness.

Going to the gym doesn’t make you fit. 327 more words


Monday Inspiration

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter. If you ate a little too many delicious treats, it’s time to get back to the grind and on the healthy eating and workout wagon ;) Haaaappy Monday!

Veronica & Nicole


Mantra 21/4/14

I dreamt about death last night. I’m not going to elaborate on what my dream was about exactly, but there is a reason I am telling you this in order to understand this week’s mantra. 232 more words

My Life

Day 3 - I've Got the Power


Courtesy of https://chopracentermeditation.com

There are very few things in life that one can be sure of or feel confident in.  One of things that I know for sure (to steal an Oprah-ism) is that no matter how tough things may get, I will get through it.  653 more words

Throat Chakra Vishuddha Chakra

Before we experience health concerns in our physical bodies, it first comes into energetic manifestation in our Etheric bodies. One way to prevent illness, emotional discomfort, mental imbalance, etc., is thru Chakra Balancing. 83 more words

Today's Mantra: Success

Success, as I define it, is within my reach.