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Be Free

What makes something “good?”
What makes something “bad?”
Is it not the prison of your own mind?

Who determines whether you are free?
Who keeps you in chains? 143 more words


A Yoga Teacher Training Debrief

During our Grow Yoga training, we participated in a vulnerability circle activity.  During this activity, participants sat in a circle, and one person traveled around the inside of the circle to make a personal connection with each person.  401 more words


Verse from the Veda for one to be with One

To be powerful to rely upon no one else but One, to desire the wind many gain riches with to be devoted to holding, and the breath to receive with love to offer with love on the earth to all her creatures. 8 more words


Current Sentiments

I took this photo in the Bahamas last season while lounging on the beach in Hopetown on one of our days off.  If only teleportation was possible beyond my dreams…


Yoga for the Meditative Runner

I woke up this morning feeling a little bit lethargic, muscles are little too tight, stomach a little too queasy, and a slight bit of angst while thinking “what did I get myself in for” in regards to Media’s 5 Miler tonight.  810 more words


Keep calm and read on

On Saturday morning, I pass a young girl sporting a T-shirt emblazoned with: ‘Keep calm and listen to Olly Murs’. And, while I’m still pondering that particular take on the rediscovered WWII propaganda, I spy a poster outside the local church: ‘Keep calm and know that I am God’. 72 more words


i’m sick and fucking tired of the non-stop texting going on in the world today. i was at a store today and the thoroughly disinterested cashier managed to squeeze some texting into the 6 seconds between when she rang my sale in to the till and when my credit card payment went through. 397 more words