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2014 Was 3rd Best Year for Capital Investment by South Dakota Manufacturers

Every year since 1955 the Governor’s Office of Economic Development has surveyed South Dakota manufacturers, collecting land, building, and equipment investment numbers within the given calendar year. 218 more words


How many of your customers grew at +28% over Xmas?

Well that’s the growth rate that B&M posted lasted week

And I wonder how many grocery manufacturers still don’t recognise or even trade with B&M? 13 more words


Tom Mulcair to propose tax relief targeting small biz, manufacturers

Tom Mulcair is poised to nail down more planks in the NDP election platform, unveiling promises of tax relief for small business and manufacturers as part of a bid to show that New Democrats have a plan to goose the sputtering economy in the face of plunging oil prices. 10 more words

Food waste, what a waste

Something must be wrong when food companies and retailers are throwing food away at a time when the number of people forced to use food banks are increasing… 84 more words


Which Metal Casting Techniques Are Used By Cast Iron Foundries?

Metal casting is a popular technique in which engineers do metalworking and pour molten metal inside a casting mold. The liquid metal is then allowed to set and then removed from the mold. 312 more words