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This is the beginning.

I was trying to think of some witty subject/title for this post, or lace it with some deep meaning, but I decided against that. Mostly out of laziness as I have  796 more words



Have you ever had a goal that seems to hover just out of reach? I’m talking about those last five pounds that you can’t shed, that last $1000 of debt that hangs over your head, that last month of pregnancy when everyone assumes you should’ve had the baby, yet you feel like it’s never going to happen. 724 more words


Holy Palaeography!

Years ago, when I studied at the University of York, palaeography was actually a required class that all medievalists, regardless of specialization, had to take.  Training started in the first term–all new medievalists took an introductory palaeography course with topics that ranged from the earliest scripts to the latest in the period.   382 more words


Weekend Writing Warriors

Hey there! Sad day, since this is my last snippet before summer since spring semester has started. It’s been great to be back over break, thanks so much for everything!  237 more words



Today’s a set-your-alarm-for-8-but-actually-wake-at-9 day and a -drink-coffee-pronto-then-eat-brunch-before-your-11:45-class day.

This semester I don’t have any classes before 9:50, so I tend to wake up just before 8… most days. 360 more words


Word of the Week


Noun or Verb

Pronunciation: ker-fuhf-uhl

Definition: Commotion, Disorder (Noun, Informal, mainly British use); To put into disorder or disarray (Transitive Verb, Scottish Use)

Origin: Scotland… 8 more words