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So often, we don’t hear about protocols until they’ve been breached, as in recent efforts to control Ebola in the United States. It turns out, though, that protocols really may be the “glue” that holds it all together. 442 more words


The Dizionario di Abbreviature by Cappelli is indispensable when you’re dealing with manuscripts. Scribes writing manuscripts would generally abbreviate common words to save on resources, so to use as little space as possible. 28 more words


Re-presenting words: Writing like Jane Austen

Jumping past the physicality of words, to their meaning(s), is something, as skilled readers, we automatically and effortlessly do. But is our jumping guided by the shape and sound and sinuosity of the words? 158 more words

Detail Stepping

Dominicans to the Rescue: Saving Souls and Civilization in Iraq

Obviously there is much to be said, and much that is praiseworthy, when someone heroically saves another’s life.  People are more important than property, something which all of us need reminding of from time to time.   609 more words


Using Tech as a Conveniance or a Plot line?

Interesting article about one author’s view on teleporters. He’s annoyed because everyone is now using them as a convenience in their story, not as a plot device. 56 more words


Miscellany: The Marks We Make

I am an information geek. I cannot get enough of it. Lately, that obsession interest is stronger than ever, and I am reading and writing with a fierceness that surprises me. 673 more words