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There are
Many minutes
Between the hour
And the hours
So many

If not filled
Waiting to be filled
With seconds of you
To add to
So many.


How many missions are in GTA5 ?

There are 69 main mission I Grand theft auto(GTA)-5.

69 Mission = GTA-5

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So. Many. FEELS. (20 photos)

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Preprare For The Return Of The (great) Karma, And At Least One More Model In Three Many Years Or So by Auto Blog Via

Remember Fisker? The series hybrid startup that never ever could win the reputation contest with Tesla in the space?
Properly, its wealthy new Chinese owners which purchased it at a fire sale value have looked this horse in the mouth and found some QC concerns. 23 more words

How many vitamins are there ?

There are 13 essential vitamins, meaning they are needed for the body to function.

They are:
Vitamin A
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin K… 31 more words

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