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Labour doesn't deserve Maori vote

Maori Party Co-leader Tariana Turia told TVNZ’s Q+A programme that Labour doesn’t deserve the Maori vote.

‘I don’t believe they deserve our vote any more. I don’t believe they deserve our vote, I don’t believe they deserve the vote of the Pasifika people, because if there’s one thing I’ve noticed since coming through and being a Minister this time, is the very very poor resourcing of all Pasifika health, social services, you name it.’ 192 more words


Poll of Polls update - 18 April 2014

The new Roy Morgan is out, and it’s terrible news for the left, with Labour down 3.5% to 28.5% and the Greens down 1.5% to 11.5%. 266 more words


The Maori Party fundraiser

The Mana Party is enjoying trumpeting the Maori’s Party’s fundraising dinner, where fifteen specially selected leaders paid $5,000 each to dine with John Key at the Northern Club. 317 more words


Mana & Dotcom making waves, John Key running scared

John Key and the Nats have been spooked by the potential marriage between Mana and Dotcom’s Internet Party… making Key more desperate than ever to lock in the support of his friends over at the Maori Party… at a cost of  78 more words

David Cunliffe is the "unifier of the left"?

Following the Green Party’s passive-aggressive attack on Labour via its proposal to form a “Labour/Greens” campaign coalition, one of the more bizarre attempts at spinning Labour’s point blank refusal… 1,420 more words


Poll of Polls update - 13 April 2014

Previous updates of the Poll of Polls have been due to the release of a new poll, to monitor the effect of that poll. However, things change even when polls aren’t being released, as the weighting of individual polls decrease over time. 365 more words


The Standard - sigh...

Tim Watkins had a post up at the Pundit site called “Does the Labour-National gap even matter under MMP? You bet“. He made a number of good points, which I’ll paraphrase below: 385 more words