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Spheres of Storytelling

Keeping tabs on the recent announcements at San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC), I was gleefully surprised by DC Comics’ new universes spanning limited series, by Grant Morrison, … 164 more words

The Guardian WWI Interactive Map

Edited by Jim Powell

25 July 2014


Loads of primary source images of WWI, plus an interactive map which appears to be half documentary/half choose-your-own adventure. 47 more words

An Offer Not To Be Refused

Head Porter and I are in his office, ensconced in a large nest-like structure of College maps. Clearly fired up with excitement at the prospect of another adventure, our brave and fearless leader has sprung into action and devised something approximating a Plan. 1,061 more words


Good Food, Good Life -

Our objective is to be the leader in Nutrition Health and Wellness, and the industry reference for financial performance, trusted by all stakeholders.

Source: Nestle Roadmap


From Russia with Love: A Match.com for Disaster Response

I’ve been advocating for the development of a “Match.com” for disaster response since early 2010. Such a platform would serve to quickly match hyperlocal needs with relevant resources available at the local and national level, thus facilitating and accelerating self-organization following major disasters.  1,196 more words


Who Doesn't Love Norway?

Who doesn’t love Norway?  Ok, I admit… I know very little about Norway.  The Vikings came from there.  So clearly, they have a maritine tradition.  This wonderful map card comes from Gabriela, who declares Norway to be the “Land of the Midnight Sun.”  The country is also described as wild and rough.  Vikings anyone?


How the first world war changed the world

“ON JULY 28th 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, beginning the first world war. In the following four years, millions would lose their lives. What else changed? 139 more words

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