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Scavenger's Scramble Reference Guide

Scavenger’s Scramble is the first alliance operation to appear in LoTS and features unique encounters, several new sets of gear, five new ships, a handful of new officers, a subset of tactics that can’t be used on regular raids, and challenges that offer special rewards. 16 more words



Hello bugs! Long time no write, huh? Well I sincerely apologize for that.  It seems that college is a bit of a time-consumer, especially with finals coming up so soon. 605 more words

Update of the situation in Syria and Iraq as of Nov. 15th

Here is an update on the situation in Syria and Iraq as of November 15th. The huge section of black/grey is ISIS and other forces like al-nusra. 60 more words


Mapping the ISDT : 1964, Erfurt - East Germany

2014 sees the 50th anniversary of the holding of the ISDT 1964 in Erfurt, East Germany. The event is one which gets a lot of attention and is number one International when it comes to enquiries and hits on our web search. 68 more words


Messing around with the Realms of Quest IV Editor. (RoQIV part II, [maybe])

Here I am messing around with the editor, figuring out the workings and ongoings of the map editor. Final map for Realms of Quest IV part II level 11? 56 more words


Visualize Love

I know that on this blog we frequently discuss same-sex marriage and how the current geography of marriage laws is changing.  Right now, there is a lot of gray area and legal disputes, and it can be hard to keep track of what exactly is happening and where.  25 more words