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Thank You

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Today we got our 100th follower and have now surpassed 6000 views.

Thanks to everyone who is reading and following our blog. It is really appreciated. 43 more words


My Awards Ceremony

The MAP (Microenterprise Assistance Program held an awards ceremony last night for the winners of the MAP grants, including me! I shared about ElvenSmith and my lines of Elven, Dwarvis, Men, Hobbits and even Orc jewelry. 76 more words

How Money Walks Away from Higher Taxes: Map Shows Cash Fleeing States

Certain states have lost a significant portion of their tax base (and population) in recent years due to rising taxes, according to http://www.HowMoneyWalks.com, a national website created in conjunction with the book “How Money Walks,” which focuses on how

Map of Detroit Auto Industry 1960

This map comes from the program for the 1960 Detroit Auto Show. It is interesting that these were the most important locations for the auto industry in 1960 when most of them have become irrelevant today in both the auto industry and Detroit.


How to Help and Be Helped.

To send help, you need to click on that person’s castle and then click on the tent image for ‘support’ and add troops and choose how long they stay there. 10 more words


City Map Children Area Rug 39"x58"

New Technology 16-Color Combo Technique to Create Bright & Vivid Designs, Colors & Details

Outline of Initial Stages of Project

My task over the next two and a half weeks is two compile and interpret the basic lines and points of spiritual power running through the landscape of the city of Dunedin. 995 more words