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How "Merry Christmas" is Said Around the World

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If you click on the map above it can be made bigger so it is easier to see. You can click and drag to see a different area and zoom in and out. 1,078 more words


New toy

As I will be in the old homestead over the festive period I thought it would be a good time to reccy my first race of 2015. 203 more words

Rosalind in F# - Counting DNA Nucleotides

The first problem in the Bioinformatics Stronghold section, Counting DNA Nucleotides introduces you to several concepts that are fundamental in both programming and  bioinformatics. The problem itself is not overly difficult, most of the challenge from it will be in learning how to use your programming language of choice. 1,374 more words


Looking back to 2014

Almost 10 days left to the end of 2014, and I was wondering where I’ve traveled throughout this year. 3 more countries; Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are yet to be visited in a week, so I added them as well ;-) 27 more words


Map: The Desert Tomb

There will be a short one shot adventure coming with this.

General Info

Use std::map to implement a telephone directory---c++

In today’s post, I am going to implement a telephone directory. The purpose of this practices is to get familiar with STL build-in functions. The data structure… 1,108 more words