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Maps - Part 1

Today we speak of maps. I’m pretty partial to maps and have made several. But are they really necessary? And what does it take to make a good one? 405 more words


The Oikoumene - Fantasy World Map

Originally blogged on TheFallenOdyssey.com: This new map, created by author C.B. McCullough, is based on the fantasy world of The Fallen Odyssey book series and features locations mentioned in Book 1:  241 more words


Recent Mapmaking (2014 so far) part 4

This is the 4th post in a series that I still call psychogeographical maps (or cognitive mapping). Quoting certain sections and using a selection of photographs to widen the project, which at its core still has the intention to be a… 430 more words


Creating art from something everyone sees...David Imus and maps

Every once in awhile an artist is rewarded for something that others may view as mundane.  It’s the combination of utility and craft that together creates beautiful art. 181 more words

Second Earth

Donald Worster helped us discussing the significance of the European discovery of the New World for global environmental history and natural resource use with his RCC Lunchtime Colloquium on “Second Earth: Thinking about Environmental History on a Planetary Scale”: 12 more words

Time Scale

coding & history

I have not posted about school in a long time. This isn’t because there hasn’t been stuff to say but rather I thought about separating out my professional life from the blog. 349 more words