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Web map projections: the bare minimum you need to know

If you’re making maps, you will probably need to know something about cartographic projections. Here’s the minimum.

  1. The globeĀ is round, maps are flat. Each of the hundreds of different methods forĀ converting from round to flat is a…
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Perils of Doodling in Geography Class

Making maps for fantasy novels seems to be a bit of a norm, especially when there’s heavy world-building involved and even more so when characters don’t like to sit still. 471 more words

Mapping the GIS Adventure - Lab 1: The Schools of the SEC Are Dense

This was the first lab we were assigned in Principles of GIS. Since A&M was in its second official year in the Southeastern Conference, my professor had us make our own accounts with esri ArcGis. 431 more words

Mapping The GIS Adventure