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Maps - Part 5

Oh man guys. Sorry, this isn’t so much a “next step in your map” post as much as it is a “blast-from-the-past don’t repeat my mistake” post. 183 more words


Maps - Part 4

So making your own fantasy world. It’s a big topic. Really big. So… this is a word heavy post. Forgive me.

A good kick-off resource is… 573 more words


Maps - Part 3

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What Type of Map to Use

For our case study, the… 577 more words


Maps - Part 2

What areas should be shown?

Seems like a silly question doesn’t it? Welp I personally flubbed up on that very aspect with the map for this comic. 488 more words


Maps - Part 1

Today we speak of maps. I’m pretty partial to maps and have made several. But are they really necessary? And what does it take to make a good one? 405 more words


The Oikoumene - Fantasy World Map

Originally blogged on TheFallenOdyssey.com: This new map, created by author C.B. McCullough, is based on the fantasy world of The Fallen Odyssey book series and features locations mentioned in Book 1:  242 more words


Recent Mapmaking (2014 so far) part 4

This is the 4th post in a series that I still call psychogeographical maps (or cognitive mapping). Quoting certain sections and using a selection of photographs to widen the project, which at its core still has the intention to be a… 430 more words