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Simple numbered markers with Leaflet.js

I thought I’d look up how to create markers that are numbered with the excellent Leaflet.js. Perhaps surprisingly there is no built in method, but looking round the Web there are a few suggested ways of doing it. 213 more words



The first thing that struck me when I made this map: What the heck is up with Chicago?

Seriously, I had always thought Chicago was supposed to have an enormous Irish population – yet you just don’t see it on this zip-code level census data. 183 more words


Brain Mapping

A new map, a decade in the works, shows structures of the brain in far greater detail than ever before, providing neuroscientists with a guide to its immense complexity.


Sketch Innovation - Session 4

To Start: Two-minute sketches – Session 4

 Things that are Circles.

These four images represent a 2 minute drawing compared to a 30sec sketch. Both images represent the same thing and portray the same story…in this case is a drawing more valuable than a sketch? 988 more words

Print Technical Block

Mixed Bill 2014 - Phoenix Dance Theatre: Linbury Theatre Studio, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, 26 November 2014

Hmm, mixed indeed

Three sets of choreographers found their way onto Phoenix Dance Theatre’s new mixed bill: Christopher Bruce, Ivgi & Greben and Darshan Singh Bhuller… 481 more words


Native Americans in America

It being Thanksgiving, I think of Native Americans, among other things. It’s a carryover from my childhood, when the whole Pilgrims & Indians mythos was treated as gospel truth. 150 more words