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March 2015: Dan Lee, archaeologist

Map Orkney Month

My first thoughts for the Public Archaeology 2015 project were to keep things low key and small scale and to work intensively with a few members of the public over my month to explore places significant to them through walking and mapping. 499 more words


Mapping: A Skill for the Future

This post also appears on K4Health

Authored by Lisa Mwaikambo of K4Health, Becky Wilkes of MEASURE Evaluation, and Nandini Jayarajan of K4Health

There is no denying the impact that the environment – natural and manmade – has on human development, economic development, and health. 647 more words


The First Map of the Depths of the Oceans

THE FIRST MAP OF THE DEPTHS is a great article from the Economist about the first map of the world’s ocean floors which was published in 1977.   117 more words

Geographical Education

Mapping the GIS Adventure - Lab 6: Y'all, That Texas Coastline is Killer

You might notice that I skipped Lab 5. This is due to the unfortunate fact that I accidentally lost my Lab 5 pdf. I still have the map, so I think I’ll be able to recreate it, but I haven’t had a chance to go digging. 771 more words

Mapping The GIS Adventure

The Icebook - Davy e Kristin McGuire

Como todo trabalho de arte, The Icebook veio através de um sonho. O casal Davy e Kristin McGuire uniram as paixões do teatro e da escultura pop-up e fizeram um pequeno teatro intimista para pequenas audiências. 76 more words


Science Dialogues: New Online Magazine for Integrating Science

Check out my post to Science Dialogues, a new online magazine dedicated to integrating science in the modern world by facilitating and fostering intellectual ties and friendships across disciplinary boundaries:  60 more words

Archaeology Project