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World-Building: Mapmaking

Here’s where the fun starts with your world.  I assume you’ve chosen the type of world to create, whether it’s Earth-like, a waterworld, or a dry world.  463 more words


[Friday Map] Aurelon's Keep

Redrawing the Castellan’s Keep for my DCC game put me in flashback mode regarding both keeps and gaming. With crenelated battlements on the mind, I thought back to an adventure I ran using the Rules Cyclopedia when it first came out (back when I was in University). 244 more words


Backpacks and Maps

I keep on traveling to places I’m physically alien at but feels like I’m a grown native to these places. Clenched streets that maze you through the next city. 77 more words

The Only Fantasy World Map you'll ever need

I love this. Probably no news to most of you, but I just found it. And maybe some of you haven’t seen it before so… 138 more words

Thinking Aloud

The Kingdoms as of April 17th, 2014

There are two maps for each theater- one showing the current boundaries of each kingdom, and a second showing the attack ranges for each kingdom laid on top of each other.  160 more words