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Creativity Exercise: Fantasy Avatar

In class, we were given model magic clay, and told to model it in to a “CPU bug,” which is essentially a tiny critter to keep on you company on your desk/computer. 169 more words

In Class

Maquette Tryout

his is a small try out for my idea, a ought idea of how it would look if it was made out of wood. 83 more words

Mini-Maquette Fantasy Avatar

My maquette is a type of sentry. It wouldn’t really have a personality because it’s a robot. It would stand, patrol, and guard.



My maquette for class! A venus fly trap, I guess?

I wanted a kind of uncanny valley plant person, for no particular reason. She’d live in forest environments, and eat with her fly-trap in exchange for having no mouth! 41 more words

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