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New Project

This project will run till the end of january and it’s about my identity as a maker. Again I’m focusing on ceramic sculptures that have concepts based on interaction. 31 more words

New Stormtrooper (Rebels) Maquette from Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant has just released their new items available for pre-order in November and among them is the new Stormtrooper Maquette based on Star Wars Rebels. 232 more words

Star Wars Rebels

My initial post

I got no reader (atm, when i am trying to compose this very first post of mine) but now i got you reading this hopefully-not-so-meaningless post.. 241 more words



Moving on the the artwork aspect of my design, I simple had no clue as to what I could do. I couldn’t think of anything at all and so to start me off, I just googled ‘Chilli packaaging’. 75 more words

More Evolution!

After some thought, I decided to go back to my initial idea of incorporating a sting net to hold the chillies inside the packaging. I used a super simple traditional method of net making which I found on Youtube which really helped me learn how to do it. 83 more words

Maquettes Evolved!

In the first photograph you can see the first set of maquettes that I tried out. You can also see that they don’t work very well. 49 more words

Idea Rethink.

I decided that my previous idea simply wasn’t working as the cost of purchasing materials and putting it all together would be too high as so I had to rethink. 79 more words