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This is my maquette, I have not thought of name for it yet. At first I thought about what a fantastic beast would look like or what it would do. 108 more words

Creative Exercise

Brave Little Toaster: The Later Years ***LEAKED FOOTAGE***

Hey guys! I’m breaking NDA by sharing this with you, but I thought you’d like it! Here is a photo of the first maquette that’s been made for the “Brave Little Toaster: The Later Years” documentary. 60 more words



This is Tad. He is a creature of the isolated swamps untouched by man. He is a shy and gentle giant who guards the other creatures of the swamp. 117 more words


Fantasy Avatar

This is James. James is 7′ 6″ and is very thin. He spends most of his time working in a supermarket, where his height allows him to reach things other people cannot. 86 more words


Mini Maquette: Fantasy Avatar

This is Petey, the alien from the most happenin’ part of the Milky Way. His ship landed a bit off target in Drexel Park, but he decided he’d give things a chance. 266 more words


Details of Maquette(s)

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This is much closer from how it looks like, but still far from it… :)