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Habitat 06 || Janvier 2013

Habitat 06 || Vœux, maquette, illustration, dépliant cartonné
Janvier 2013 | © Katia IOSCA/IFK design 35 more words


Agence Média Plus Communication || Publications Territoriales des Collectivités || 2011 à 2013

Média Plus Communication || Publications Territoriales des Collectivités || 2011 | 2012 | 2013
Agenda de poche, Plans Guides Officiels, Panneaux de Ville,
Agendas de Ville, Guides d’accueil, … 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | © Katia IOSCA/IFK design 92 more words


Office du Tourisme Monaco || Brochure Monaco Hiver || 2010

Office du Tourisme Monaco || Brochure Monaco Hiver 2010
Maquette du supplément en anglais et autres langues || 2010 | © Katia IOSCA/IFK design 60 more words


Day6 _The House

from 1:10 to full scale

Today we are dealing with one of the fundamental constructive-problem of the prototype: how to join the elements and fix them together. 146 more words

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Getting the hang of it.

So here I have completed the design for my second two packages. Mid range (left) and Low range (right).
As you can see, as each range goes down in price, the colour and design gets simpler. 179 more words

January 9th - Maquette

Maquette – n: a usually small preliminary model (as of a sculpture or a building)

“And you’re sure that this is the last remaining piece?” Dalton huffed, gesturing toward the pile of rusty bits and bobs in the center of the table. 285 more words

365 Words Challenge

First Initial Design Mock Ups

So here are my first design mock ups. My idea behind them, as mentioned is a previous post, is to have 3 clear differences in how the packaging appears and functions. 203 more words