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Choices of One

This is a great book that takes place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. It is mostly focused on Mara Jade, who is my favorite SW character. 21 more words

What I Think Will Happen in Episode 7

We know a few thing about Star Wars: Episode 7. Here is a quick recap:

  • There will be (at least) two more characters named Rachel and Thomas.
  • 40 more words

Part 3: Progress

So with one month left to prepare, I ran into a couple of hiccups in my original plans for this costume.

The first is that I haven’t been able to acquire a DL-44 blaster. 97 more words


The door to the bridge of the armed yacht The Jade Shadow opens and lets me in. The single occupant at the helm is a beautiful and fit redheaded woman, wearing a black sleeveless tee-shirt, black leather pants and a dark gray cape. 2,076 more words

This is Not the Cast You're Looking For

Many of us who love Star Wars are keeping a close watch on the next installment of Star Wars. We have very little to go on at this point but it seem that the original cast has returned to some degree. 388 more words


Book Review: Star Wars: Choices of One, by Timothy Zahn

Even as writers and artists have expanded the Star Wars universe decades beyond the last film and thousands of years before the first one (meaning A New Hope, of course), there are still only a handful of stories which exist between the movies.  579 more words

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Phaedra - Mara Jade

Phaedra is a awesome cosplayer from the US and she recently contacted CN about featuring some of her cosplay. Frankly there was so much choice that we didn’t know where to begin and settled for her outstanding Mara Jade cosplay. 34 more words