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Is it Safe? Media Professionals in Danger

by Rick Bretz

We’ve all seen the movie “Marathon Man” when Dustin Hoffman’s character is repeatedly asked, “Is it safe?”.   Lawrence Olivier not getting an answer then sadistically digs into Hoffman’s teeth as a form of torture. 548 more words

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This week’s technology news – 12th September 2014

Financial services organisations not very motivated in defending against cyber threats
A leading software security firm has published its “Global IT Security Risks 2014 – Online Financial Fraud and Protection” survey.    1,707 more words

MSP Weekly News

Serve Card Did Not Serve Me Well

So, I finally  got myself Serve. I need to meet a minimum spend on quite  a few cards, and my regular bills just aren’t sufficient. This is what happens when you get greedy. 872 more words

How to Combat Bungie-Fever With These Simple Steps

Unfortunately this is not an article about combating a disastrous plague involving tall muscular men in green jumpsuits. Alas we do not live in such a world, but if we did, everyone would be teabagged…to death!  1,328 more words


Marathon Man: A Rev(you)

Bursting at the seams with intense action and suspense, Marathon Man is a premium package for me. At first glance, Marathon Man may seem (or at least in my book) to be a film about running – as did Cool Runnings.   162 more words


How to Make 150 Dollars Per Hour

No, I don’t make that much from blogging and it’s not about the sign-up bonuses. And yes, the title is a bit sensational. Should be Google search magnet, don’t you think? 736 more words