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As Spring finally takes a turn for a more than welcome, more permanent stay in Middle Tennessee, the Nashville weekend happenings continue to heat up. Here’s what’s happenin’ in the Music City: 589 more words


How It Feels To Take Your 1st Yoga Class (As Told By Jack White GIFs)

Namaste, y’all.

Yoga Culture Caravan is back with their unconventional monthly pop-up yoga class! Brought to you by Native and Lululemon, the party is taking place at Marathon Music Works Friday night, and we couldn’t be more pumped. 354 more words

Why is it that some of the best music venues are located in the most inconvenient parts of town? Some of the best concerts can only be experienced by finding a sober driver, taking a $20 cab ride, or braving various forms of public transportation to reach that one gloriously refurbished warehouse turned music venue in the midst of an industrial wasteland. 396 more words


St. Vincent [Review]

St. Vincent

     An eclectic stream of consciousness paired with a fusion of pop, funk, and indie rock, St. Vincent challenges the monotone mainstream music industry with her latest self titled album St. 329 more words


Tonight, We Think You Should Watch Some Television (But Not The Kind You Think)

Tonight, we think you should watch some Television.

No, we are not talking about re-watching last week’s Scandal episode for the 5th time since it aired (though if you are freaking out/planning a watching party for the last How I Met Your Mother episode ever, we are right there with you). 71 more words