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Marathon Training - Week 11

Being in week 11 of my marathon training I finally feel comfortable to let the world know – yes, I’m training for a FULL marathon!! 26.2 miles!! 628 more words

San Francisco Marathon Training: Day 32 of 126

Uggg…That was how my run started out today. I’ve been going through a phase of bad runs. Maybe not bad runs, but running has seemed hard for me lately. 285 more words

Garmin Connect

My world sparkles ...

There is something wonderful about running in the early morning hours, especially at Spring time, that sets the tone for my whole day. Now don’t get me wrong, as I get deeper into my training I will revert back to calling this time of day the UN-DEAD hours. 190 more words


I must have lost my mind somewhere....

Because no blog post is complete without a photo of one of my cute animals, here you go – it’s little Osito in a summer dress!! 633 more words


The Final Countdown

Tomorrow marks one month until the Ottawa Marathon!

On Tuesday I was bored decided it was time to get down to business and made a to-do list for the final month before I leave for Ontario the Friday before the race. 288 more words


Training Survey!

I’m looking around and trying to think about fall training plans. I kind of feel like Niles when he and Frasier go to La Porte D’Argent and he says he’s going to get the aromatherapy Swedish massage, also known as the Hal Higdom plans I’ve always followed for the marathon (no, really, for marathons I legitimately follow the plan) and Frasier tells him to be a man, look at the bounty of options available, so he changes his mind to rose hip salt glow. 239 more words


Day Six Hundred and Ninety of Unemployment-Fifty and Unemployed

Woke Up Early

I don’t know why but I woke up extra early, at around 5 AM. I wondered if I was anxious because today is my last day in Winnipeg before I head home to Vancouver. 796 more words